How to get more clients for your Call Center — Craigslist!

I study the analytics on my blog and roughly 10% of my readers are Americans, 80% are Indian, and the rest are from all over the rest of the world. If you are American, you will know what Craigslist is. But, if you are Indian, you need to learn how to advertise your offshore call center services on Craigslist — today! It is a site where you can post job openings, houses for rent, used lawnmowers for sale, etc. You can join discussion groups, find a date, and much more too. Craigslist is famous. It was started by a regular guy, and it just grew out of control.

Craigslist makes it free to post an advertisement. The trick is that you need to keep posting it or it will move down in the search results and get lost in the shuffle. They allow you to repost every 60 days. You post ads based on geographical locations. You could choose several metros in the United States. You could advertise your call center services in many metros in the United States. I can not guarantee what type of results you will get, but it is one of the things that you should try. Marketing always includes a mix of different techniques. After you use these techniques, you try to measure which venue got you more leads and how much it cost in time or money.

We put an ad in Craigslist for bloggers. We got 18 inquiries in two days. Not the best quality people, but at least they responded.

The point to remember is that new Indian companies tend to behave like beggars. “PLEASE give us call center work.” Don’t behave this way. You are there to help others without being desperate or pushy. Successful Indians are cool and know what to do. Unsuccessful Indians are the worst pain in the rear and NOBODY in American will want to deal with a headache. Be calm, cool, helpful, and let your readers know that you can accommodate their needs the way they want it. The minute you try to act impersonal or rigid like a big company, you will lose small customers.

Indians typically like to impress others by pretending to work at a big company when they work out of their bedroom. Nobody in America likes a fake. Keep it real, and be really helpful without being pushy. You are there to help them, not to push your unwanted service down their unwilling throat. If you are sincere and able to help others, you will get clients.

Small clients are good if you are a small company. They are easier to get, and easier to keep if you do good work. Big clients will dump you in a second if you don’t measure up, and trust me — they have refined analytics about what it means to measure up. They will not tolerate a single slip-up.

Keep your advertisement simple, yet informative. Helpful, yet competent. Be there when your email rings, or when you receive a phone call in your inbox (or the other way around). Be friendly and non-aggressive to prospects. Let them get to know your staff. Don’t make them sign a contract right away until they have gotten a test run of your service. Give first.

What people worldwide don’t understand is that it is God who pays us. If you are delivering value to the universe, God will make sure you get paid. Contracts are just formalities. Relationships are what guarantees that you make money.

Keep it real and try Craigslist today!

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