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How to get more clients for your BPO or Call Center (Compilation)

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We wrote many blog articles about outsource marketing that were so popular, we were not able to top them. However, many of these articles are from long time back and they never resurface to the top of the feed of our blog. So, we are going to bring them back in the form of a compilation to give you a choice of many articles!

How to attract more clients to your call center part 1
Relationships are the key to success. How well do you get to know people and nurture the relationship? It might all start with a cold call, so get your fingers ready to dial.

How to attract more clients to your call center part 2
Hiring the right staff and training them meticulously is part of the secret. You need to mentor them, coach them, and keep metrics on them. Experienced workers will keep your clients happy, so don’t deliver any novices or you’ll all be sorry.

How to find clients for call centers — good salespeople
You could have the best call center in the world, but without the right salespeople, getting new clients might not be so easy. Having well trained salespeople is key, and having a few extras around might not be such a bad idea either.

How to get clients for call centers — contracts!
Getting clients is just half the battle. Once they agree to do business with you, what type of contract should you use? Should it be rigid and long term, or a more relaxed month to month contract that is more “friendly?”

How to acquire clients for call centers — presentation!
If you provide a good service, that is half the battle. But, how you present yourself online and over the phone can mean the difference between gaining that new clients and losing them.

How to gain clients for your call center: Pay-Per-Click!
There are many ways to get clients for your call center, but attracting people using PPC can be one of the fastest. You’ll need to know all of your keyword variations inside out and how the Google Adwords and other systems work. After that it is all systems go!

How to acquire call center clients — looking like a big company
Some people are comfortable hiring a small company. But, larger clients prefer to play ball with larger companies. So, how to you appear to be large when you are not?

Is an English accent important? Just do your job!
Some call centers in India like to have agents with seemingly perfect English accents. But, the key to getting ahead lies more in quality work than in flashy accents.

Gaining new clients and nurturing them correctly
We all have our hands out for new clients. However, how often are we there to solve their problems or just ask them how things are going? Do we woo them the right way? And how is our credibility?


Half a million Filipino call center workers are on American time
It is hard to think of people staying up all night just to please us in America, but in the Philippines, this is a reality!

Why Indian Call Centers Fail
Many call centers are new startups that lack the skills or discipline to keep their work up to high standards. They also hire staff who often lack experience or training. The results are catastrophic!

Handling Stress in a Call Center Office
People who work at call center offices burn out fast. The problem is that they do too many hours of calling each day and have no mechanism of de-stressing. We propose a long list of proven techniques to eliminate your stress today!

Attracting clientele via 123outsource.net — the 1st step
123outsource.net is a powerful directory for attracting outsourcing business. Learn how to use our tool the right way!

Are you tired of outsourcing to India?
The cultural behaviors in India are not usually to our liking in the US unless you get lucky and find someone really considerate. See how cultural differences ruin outsourcing relationships.

Is it better to have a woman do your phone calls?
Men are better at being authoritative, but women are less threatening. Who should you hire for your next process?

Are your callers annoying?
Finding call center reps with pleasing voices and personalities should be your main priority. Learn the art of interaction in this quick article!

How to start an outsourcing company
Be an expert in your field and have a decisive offering. But, what about free trials? Am I crazy? Learn step by step what you need to do and get prepared!

How to write a resume for an outsourcing job!
How do you document your education, professional membership and job objectives? Should you use chronological order or inverse? What else should you put on the resume?

Create stories in your blog about the experience of your clients
Do you want to be good at marketing in 2015? Marketing is all about storytelling these days, so learn the art. If you are good at blogging too, so much the better!

From 100 Indian call centers down to 1
When we weeded out the unprofessional call centers on our directory, we got rid of almost all of the Indian call centers. They didn’t answer their phone professionally and didn’t behave as if they were “real” businesses either.

Cottage industries in India ruin India’s outsourcing reputation
Many outsourcing companies in India are not real companies. When you call them and ask their company name, they often have multiple names and multiple ventures all run out of someone’s bedroom that are often not real businesses at all.

Solutions to India’s transportation problem
India is a country filled with traffic jams and new overpasses being built daily. But, what if they used more innovative solutions like moving walkways and standing only buses? Hmm…

10 ways to get more clients for your call center

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We have written many blog entries on how to get clients for your call center. This entry will just summarize some of the better ways that work.

(1) Web Site
Have an attractive web site with pages that load fast. Make sure your specialties, contact information, testimonials, and hopefully a blog with some meaningful articles about your work are included.

(2) Linked In
Linked In is the best social media network around to reach professionals. They have the highest rate of decision makers of any social media site (by far.) Network with decision makers that you find in Linked In business or outsourcing groups — there are many!

(3) Lead Generation
Lead Generation outfits can help you find prospects for your business. Sure it costs, but they specialize in marketing, and you don’t. So get someone good to help you who can get you leads. Getting an agent is another way to handle getting leads!

(4) Craigslist.
America has a site called Craigslist.com where you can post jobs, or post that you are willing to do jobs. This is a great way to find a wide variety of services including real estate.

(5) Have a phone number in the United States.
People in America feel more comfortable calling a domestic number that they can call during business hours. You can forward the line to wherever you are, or have a representative in the United States, Australia or England do the sales for you.

(6) Answering the phone
Most call centers don’t answer their phone. They specialize in phone related work, yet they don’t answer their phone. How ironic. Then, when they answer, they don’t answer professionally, or you get someone who is poorly trained. Have intelligent people answer your phone if you want to get intelligent clients who will pay you.

(7) Training and monitoring
The call centers who monitor and train their workers regularly get ahead. Many have contests regularly to keep the mood up. They also constantly assess the work of their callers. Call centers who don’t do this might get a few temporary jobs from being cheap, but they will never get ahead.

(8) Contracts
Don’t have rigid contracts unless you have too much business and want to narrow it down to the big guys. Contracts scare people away. If you do have contracts, have less restrictive contacts that don’t bind your customer into a huge commitment. Remember, you are in business to help others, not to trap them into a situation that could turn into a law suit or a disaster.

(9) Professional emails
If you write very professional looking emails to your prospects and clients, you gain credibility. If you make lots of spelling mistakes or communicate poorly, or just don’t respond at all, that counts against you. Don’t use personal emails for business if you can help it. People want an email address with a suffix that is your website. steve@vksconsulting.com not steveb313@gmail.com

(10) Be flexible
You need money saved up, and a labor pool at your disposal. If you suddenly get a new client, you need to get labor in a snap. If you already know who the callers are and have them already trained, assessed and whatever you need to do to get them shipshape, then you are shipshape. If you have to scramble and hire strangers in a pinch who might not be that good, your client might not be too happy. It might make sense to let your client do the picking.

Okay, I fulfilled my promise. There are ten ways to get more call center clients. Happy calling!

How to get more clients for your Call Center — Craigslist!

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I study the analytics on my blog and roughly 10% of my readers are Americans, 80% are Indian, and the rest are from all over the rest of the world. If you are American, you will know what Craigslist is. But, if you are Indian, you need to learn how to advertise your offshore call center services on Craigslist — today! It is a site where you can post job openings, houses for rent, used lawnmowers for sale, etc. You can join discussion groups, find a date, and much more too. Craigslist is famous. It was started by a regular guy, and it just grew out of control.

Craigslist makes it free to post an advertisement. The trick is that you need to keep posting it or it will move down in the search results and get lost in the shuffle. They allow you to repost every 60 days. You post ads based on geographical locations. You could choose several metros in the United States. You could advertise your call center services in many metros in the United States. I can not guarantee what type of results you will get, but it is one of the things that you should try. Marketing always includes a mix of different techniques. After you use these techniques, you try to measure which venue got you more leads and how much it cost in time or money.

We put an ad in Craigslist for bloggers. We got 18 inquiries in two days. Not the best quality people, but at least they responded.

The point to remember is that new Indian companies tend to behave like beggars. “PLEASE give us call center work.” Don’t behave this way. You are there to help others without being desperate or pushy. Successful Indians are cool and know what to do. Unsuccessful Indians are the worst pain in the rear and NOBODY in American will want to deal with a headache. Be calm, cool, helpful, and let your readers know that you can accommodate their needs the way they want it. The minute you try to act impersonal or rigid like a big company, you will lose small customers.

Indians typically like to impress others by pretending to work at a big company when they work out of their bedroom. Nobody in America likes a fake. Keep it real, and be really helpful without being pushy. You are there to help them, not to push your unwanted service down their unwilling throat. If you are sincere and able to help others, you will get clients.

Small clients are good if you are a small company. They are easier to get, and easier to keep if you do good work. Big clients will dump you in a second if you don’t measure up, and trust me — they have refined analytics about what it means to measure up. They will not tolerate a single slip-up.

Keep your advertisement simple, yet informative. Helpful, yet competent. Be there when your email rings, or when you receive a phone call in your inbox (or the other way around). Be friendly and non-aggressive to prospects. Let them get to know your staff. Don’t make them sign a contract right away until they have gotten a test run of your service. Give first.

What people worldwide don’t understand is that it is God who pays us. If you are delivering value to the universe, God will make sure you get paid. Contracts are just formalities. Relationships are what guarantees that you make money.

Keep it real and try Craigslist today!

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