How to gain more call center clients: write professional emails

I have touched upon this topic so many times before. It is unbelievable how unprofessional so many people are in the call center outsourcing industry. If you have an unprofessional website, personal email address, or if you write text-English, you are unprofessional. If you don’t speak clearly, don’t express yourself clearly, or don’t have well trained staff, then you are once again: unprofessional.

You will lose any serious client if you write English like this:
“How r u? We want a new client 4 r call centre. Pls gve me a call rghit away”

This sentence is littered with Text-ese, spelling mistakes, and abbreviations. Nobody with any standards will have anything to do with you or your BPO if you write like this. Also, if you are writing a proposal to a known or unknown company, you need to address the email to a particular person and state their name.

Dear John Smith,
I am writing you to introduce our link building services. We provide …… etc….

If you are smart, you will either already know some of John’s INDIVIDUAL needs and offer a few choices of useful solutions, or at least ask him what he needs help with, or if he needs any help. If you have any trouble communicating, then learn to communicate in a businesslike way before you ruin your reputation!

If you run even a small call center, communicate professionally and people will take you more seriously!

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