What would Bill Gates do?

What would Bill Gates do?

Do you want to be really rich? Then learn how to think like the rich guys think! Look at one of the world’s richest men. Bill Gates. He must think about money all the time… wrong! He thinks about benefitting the world, and God rewards him with success.

Do you think about the world in your business?

How can you apply that to your outsourcing business? Do you think about the bigger picture? Do you think about benefitting your clients and the world? Maybe you should. In the long run, money comes from God. In my experience (I’ve known God for a while now) God rewards people who produce more and who give to charity. There are sometimes rewards for spiritual practice as well, although that is not consistent!

If you are efficient in your work and hire others to create a large organization which helps many, God rewards this type of operation. Bill Gates’ mind dwells on philanthropy much more heavily than almost anyone else I can think of. But, he has the intellectual and financial means to make his visions come true. Most people wish that self-benefitting things would happen, but don’t get very far. Gates has transformed the world of computers and cares tremendously about the world of philanthropy as well.

Basically, the secret is to come out of yourself and expand your perspective. You are not a separate individual. You are a part — perhaps a critical part — of the universe. Everything you do affects the entire universe in some subtle or not-so-subtle way! The minute you have the desire and competency to make a bigger difference, that is when the money will start rolling in.

So, forget about this week’s profits, and your other petty concerns. Turn your business into a lean, mean, world-helping machine!

(1) Wanna be rich? Then, learn to think like the rich guys think. Take Bill Gates for example.
(2) The secret to wealth is to come out of yourself and expand your perspective.

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