Indian Call Centers: Credibility = a Great Voice

Call Center Credibility = a Great Voice (Start Practicing!)

Many callers we know at call centers in India work so many hours that they are exhausted…and feel they cannot give every call their best. Their voices become monotone..and that means they lose credibility. A 2003 Harvard University study confirms that tone of voice has a great influence on what the listener perceives as a positive or negative message. Create a great tone of voice and phone manner so that you always make a positive impression!

Allure provides a certain type of credibility

Some callers we have spoken to at call centers in India develop an air of aristocracy– people who have grace and poise, and a tone of voice that captures people’s attention. Wow! When you hear this person on the phone, you feel honored to get the call. There is something delightful and alluring about a throaty female voice that rings with confidence, or a male voice that sounds like its owner is from a family with inherited wealth. It’s sexy and cool–and people will listen to you! Then, that personality you use on the phone will become part of who you are…and you may actually attract wealth. You will become your best self.

Practice saying your name and the name of your company and client

If you rush through your name or mispronounce someone else’s name like you have never heard of it before and it is not important, it shows that you are not a friend. You are not someone worth talking to! It does not create credibility. If you work at a call center in India, it is particularly important to establish credibility right away. You have only your voice with which to do that.

Practice saying your name and the name of the company so that it sounds impressive! Ditto the name of the person you are calling. Practice your new persona, that on-the-phone personality that glows with wealth or beauty. Practice calling friends and relatives on the phone.

Then–do the whole call in that alluring tone of voice. Studies show that with the right tone of voice, your success rate will increase. Everyone at your call center will envy you. That air of aristocracy will make your call memorable and earn $$ for you and your call center in India!

(1) Many call center workers in India work after they are tired making them sound horrible!
(2) In India, call center workers are so tired, that their voices become a monotone!

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