Companies that just don’t give a damn

In the competitive world of business, it seems that many companies deliver unfriendly and mediocre service and don’t even care. Employees stay a much shorter time at jobs than ever before in recorded history. It is only in Japan that a cultural type of loyalty exists between employee and the mother company. They have to be loyal for life — or lose a finger. Maybe I’m confusing corporate culture with the Yakuza — I get confused sometimes when I don’t get enough sleep.

In any case, putting bad jokes aside, I just can’t figure out why most service providers just don’t put much effort into customer retention. One trend I noticed is that small companies want to attract big clients and don’t care at all about little ones. This makes no sense because a few little clients add up to a big one, and if you lose a little one you are still in business. But, if your business only has two big clients, lose one, and you are done! But, putting big and small aside, why would a company want to lose any client? Clients bring in revenue, why wouldn’t you want all the revenue you can get?

Why do so many companies have people who just won’t call you back. People who just won’t get work done on time. People who tell you not to be so demanding? Do I have unreasonably high standards or am I just asking for the combination of respect and functionality?

If you want your company to grow, or keep its meager existence, start giving a damn.

On a brighter note, there is a huge company in India that gives a dam. Tata. They have built at least one large dam in India!

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