My business goal for my newest travel blog

I like writing about outsourcing, but the audience just isn’t there. I am trying to write about general business concepts in an interest way, but the traffic just never grows beyond a certain limit. But, I started tweeting about travel topics, and got lots of new followers and great interactions right away. Maybe God is trying to tell me something. I love writing about business concepts, and I feel I shed light on important and interesting issues which others may enjoy reading about. I love writing Notary stories, and we get very healthy traffic on our notary blog. But, travel — that could reel in a huge audience if I play my cards right.

Everyone likes reading about travel, and everyone likes pretty travel pictures. I see no limit in the amount of traffic that could be generated. My notary blog has grown from 10,000 visitors per month a year ago to 18,000 per month recently. I’m not sure how much more growth is possible. But, a travel blog could get a million visitors a month or much more if it were fun to read.

I’m not a great writer, but I have a passion for travel, and make my writing quirky. Maybe the travel blog will become popular and maybe it could become huge. But, what is the overall monetation strategy here? If I have tons of traffic, I could sell programs to travel sites. A travel site could purchase a section in our blog that would be tapped into our regular flow of traffic. They could get links to their site, and lots of exposure for a monthly fee. I could sell them a few articles at some exorbitant price, and they would get lots of traffic in return. I’m not sure who would pay what for my service, but it could work. Or, I could just have my own travel site and promote hotels and travel destination while publishing lots of cool articles.

In real life, most of the travel sites are big players. I’m not sure they want to get involved with small players like me. But, you never know. Maybe someone of the medium players on their way up might want to play ball. The world of the internet is a mystery. You never know who will want to do business with you or when, and new players are entering the market place daily which adds a new dynamic to the mystery. It is like life in the cyber-jungle!

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