Want to be popular at blogging? Write “how to” blogs!

I just went through my stats for my outsource blog. I write all types of content that even my professional writer friends consider to be interesting (although they criticize my punctuation mistakes.) However, the content that does well always seems to have a “how to” in the title. Hmmm. How to start an outsourcing business, how to get call center clients, how to this, and how to that.

People out there want to know how to succeed in life. You need to give them the keys to do that, and then they will give you ample traffic to your blog. It seems fair. You get paid for teaching, but the payment is in traffic which helps your overall ranking.

The economy of the new world will be more spiritual, and already is. Many people will do tasks without getting direct payment. But, they will be repaid in other ways such as appreciation, recognition, and traffic to their website. It all seems very fair, although convoluted. If you think about the karma of tything it is similar. You give to charity, and then God rewards you, but in other ways. Hmmm. Intriguing! You might get more clients, or better people to help you, or better conditions in your afterlife.

But, what about your blog’s afterlife?
Just kidding.

How to write a blog about how to blogs! Now there is a title!

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