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Want to be popular at blogging? Write “how to” blogs!

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I just went through my stats for my outsource blog. I write all types of content that even my professional writer friends consider to be interesting (although they criticize my punctuation mistakes.) However, the content that does well always seems to have a “how to” in the title. Hmmm. How to start an outsourcing business, how to get call center clients, how to this, and how to that.

People out there want to know how to succeed in life. You need to give them the keys to do that, and then they will give you ample traffic to your blog. It seems fair. You get paid for teaching, but the payment is in traffic which helps your overall ranking.

The economy of the new world will be more spiritual, and already is. Many people will do tasks without getting direct payment. But, they will be repaid in other ways such as appreciation, recognition, and traffic to their website. It all seems very fair, although convoluted. If you think about the karma of tything it is similar. You give to charity, and then God rewards you, but in other ways. Hmmm. Intriguing! You might get more clients, or better people to help you, or better conditions in your afterlife.

But, what about your blog’s afterlife?
Just kidding.

How to write a blog about how to blogs! Now there is a title!

Google’s Algorithm for Blogs is Harder Now

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I wrote another article about how Google changed its algorithm regarding how blogs place in search results. Please keep in mind that this change happened in September 2013 and it was very pronounced. I do not do SEO for a living. I just noticed because I track my statistics for my notary blog and outsource blog regularly and train myself to notice things. The first relationship is between how good your blogs are and how you place on Google. The trick here is that a good article is not enough. You need to have incoming links and a way to get seen as well.

Blog tags are a wonderful invention, but are they all they are cut out to be? Using blog tags you can link up lots of blogs to each other in all types of ways based on keyword frequency. You choose tags based on whatever keyword you are trying to accentuate. The problem is that an incoming link is only given credit if several conditions are met:

(1) The link needs to come from a page with similar keywords. If you have tagged certain keywords, then we will assume you have the keyword relevancy. That is easy.

(2) The page that you link from needs to be indexed by Google. If a page gets low traffic, Google might not index it, which means you might get zero credit for an incoming link from that page. What I found is that Google will ignore a page which gets less than about 25-35 clicks per month. This problem wouldn’t affect a larger blog, but for small blogs getting less than 40,000 visits per month, your tags will only do you any good if they are for unusual keywords, or for particular entries which for some reason get lots of traffic. Newer posts that have been recently promoted might get a few hundred visits right away, but your older blog entries might get very little traffic even if your newer posts link to them. My outsource blog is tiny and my tags will not get me much play until I grow. A sad fact of life.

(3) If people actually click on a particular link, the value of the link becomes tremendously bigger. Very few people click on tags, but people would be more likely to click on a link in the body of an article, especially if it were dressed up in such a way that they would be encouraged to click on it. I often put suggested reading links at the bottom of articles and they get clicked on a fair amount, especially if they are highly relevant.

The value of a visit from Google
I noticed that despite how much harder it is to get blog traffic, for each additional click to my blog, I get many additional clicks to my site. Roughly 8 site visits per 1 blog visit. What an amazing correlation! I also learned that visits directly from Google give you much more reward in site visits. How does this work? I think that Google tracks how much traffic it gives you and then rewards you by giving your site higher placement as a result. It is a very helpful cycle, but you need skill to manage this relationship.

What is the solution?
Honestly, I am so overworked, that I make this mistake often — I do not put enough links on my posts until after the fact. Since blog entries on my blogs are generally only popular when they are initially promoted, putting the links on after the fact doesn’t help much. The solution is to pre-publish your blog articles and put as many quality outgoing links to other content as possible BEFORE you promote it. Put lots of good tags, and optimize the content so that you can put more tags as well. You can find creative ways to insert more of your essential keywords into the article to gain relevancy for your keywords.

Google is a wonderful tool. Try hard to master the art of blog promotion with Google. Facebook and Twitter have done miracles for me as well and should ideally be used to promote articles with good tags and outgoing links.

(1) #googleanalytics Google’s algorithm for blogs is harder now. It’s harder to get traffic period!

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Outsource Blog Welcome

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Welcome to the 123outsource.net blog
123outsource.net is a directory of outsourcing companies around the globe.  We have many professional categories ranging from call centers, bpo, kpo, seo, data entry, web design, and software.  If you manage a company that would like to attract overseas clients, please contact us so that we can create a listing for your company.  123outsource.net offers free and paid listings for every budget.  Paid listings show up higher in our search results and statistically gravitate a much higher market share.
Outsource Blog
Our outsourcing blog will concern itself with a wide variety of outsourcing issues effecting the global community.  The purpose of this outsource blog is to inform as well as entertain our readers.  We welcome commentary, so feel free to email us at 123outsource.net@gmail.com if you would like to share an opinion, make a request.  Please let us know which topics you liked most, so that we can devote more time to writing about related topics.
Looking for Work?
123outsource does NOT hire individuals.  We are located in Los Angeles, CA USA and consist of the owner, one individual who makes outgoing phone calls on a part time basis, and a team of outsourced programmers in Pune, India who we intend to keep for the life of our business.  If you are looking for work, please call the companies listed on our website in your professional category and tell them you found them on 123outsource.net.  Please save your resume for companies who can potentially use you.
Topics Involved
This outsourcing blog will deal with topics such as: marketing outsourcing companies, algorithms used for choosing outsource companies, worldwide outsourcing trends, indexing new articles regarding outsourcing, improving your company’s interaction skills with overseas clients, and more.  Please ask us if you would like us to address a particular topic not already written about.
The Future of Outsourcing
We believe that outsourcing is a growing trend which benefits the whole world as it makes it possible to find the most efficient service provider irrespective of political and geographic boundaries.  Large companies have been moving towards a business model of focusing on their core competencies and outsourcing other functions to other companies throughout the globe creating a notion of a global workworce and global community.  It is interesting and fascinating living in these modern times.
We hope you enjoy our outsourcing blog!