Our Linked In seedling became a jungle!

We started an outsourcing Linked In group over half a year ago. It was ignored, didn’t get posted on, and we had so much trouble attracting members. Then, I put a new staff member on the assignment and instructed her to get lots of “active” members who posted interesting content or responded to content on other networks. The girl in charge of this task is a very high energy gung-ho person. I knew she would get amazing results, but even I was surprised at how well the group did.

With only 600 members, participation is off the hook!
Our Linked In discussion group with less than 600 members was getting more discussions and interaction than groups over 10,000 strong. Amazing. I was so pleased. I had not looked at the group in over two months when we were only getting a handful of discussions. The quantity of content (it was quality content about interesting business issues) was so baffling, I couldn’t even find content that we had posted four days ago without scrolling for several minutes.

Our other Linked In group is getting us boatloads of clicks!
The same girl is also running our Linked In for notaries. That group unfortunately didn’t grow that much, but the quantity of high quality clicks from articles she submitted was baffling. She was only posting four posts a week, but we were getting more than 400 quality clicks per month! Another jungle in the making!

So, overall, my experience on Linked In has been good. It takes a while to figure out how to play the game the optimal way. But, once you figure out how to use Linked In effectively, it is very powerful if you want to attract a business oriented network!

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