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How to use Linked-In to expand your BPO!

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Everyone wants to know how to get more business for their BPO. That’s all I hear every day. The answer is that there are many stages in the process of attracting and retaining a BPO client. If they can’t find you, they can’t hire you. But, what if they find you, but don’t think much of you? Hmmm. Be findable and make a good impression. Then, maybe you can catch a few new clients!

Using Linked In in the BPO outsourcing world.
Using Linked In is not as easy as it sounds, especially in outsourcing. There are several dozen prominent outsourcing Linked In discussion groups. Some of these have job postings, while a few post discussions. There are a lot of spammers posting the same job a zillion times too which looks bad.

Since there are so few groups and so few active members in the outsourcing centric groups, you should meander over to general business groups, and try to find members to contact who might be decision makers. To make it in business you have to know how to network. Unfortunately, not all of the people you contact will be relevant to you, and not all will respond to you. But, some of them will, and Linked in is a great way to reach people far away in different countries who you would have no way of talking to in person and a very tough time getting past their secretary on the phone.

(1) Scour all of the larger outsourcing & call center groups and look for process postings.
(2) Try to find decision makers who might need your services in general business groups.

Keep in mind that some of the larger linked in groups might have 30,000 or more members. You will be spending most of your time sorting through the thousands of followers and making your list of who might be a good prospect for you to contact. Does this seem time consuming? It is. You might have better luck training your assistant how to do this. But, you can’t train them until you have mastered the art of sorting and basic introduction messages.

And remember, you will be popular if you can make pleasant small talk instead of going straight for the jugular (the sale)

Happy linking!

10 ways to get more clients for your call center

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We have written many blog entries on how to get clients for your call center. This entry will just summarize some of the better ways that work.

(1) Web Site
Have an attractive web site with pages that load fast. Make sure your specialties, contact information, testimonials, and hopefully a blog with some meaningful articles about your work are included.

(2) Linked In
Linked In is the best social media network around to reach professionals. They have the highest rate of decision makers of any social media site (by far.) Network with decision makers that you find in Linked In business or outsourcing groups — there are many!

(3) Lead Generation
Lead Generation outfits can help you find prospects for your business. Sure it costs, but they specialize in marketing, and you don’t. So get someone good to help you who can get you leads. Getting an agent is another way to handle getting leads!

(4) Craigslist.
America has a site called Craigslist.com where you can post jobs, or post that you are willing to do jobs. This is a great way to find a wide variety of services including real estate.

(5) Have a phone number in the United States.
People in America feel more comfortable calling a domestic number that they can call during business hours. You can forward the line to wherever you are, or have a representative in the United States, Australia or England do the sales for you.

(6) Answering the phone
Most call centers don’t answer their phone. They specialize in phone related work, yet they don’t answer their phone. How ironic. Then, when they answer, they don’t answer professionally, or you get someone who is poorly trained. Have intelligent people answer your phone if you want to get intelligent clients who will pay you.

(7) Training and monitoring
The call centers who monitor and train their workers regularly get ahead. Many have contests regularly to keep the mood up. They also constantly assess the work of their callers. Call centers who don’t do this might get a few temporary jobs from being cheap, but they will never get ahead.

(8) Contracts
Don’t have rigid contracts unless you have too much business and want to narrow it down to the big guys. Contracts scare people away. If you do have contracts, have less restrictive contacts that don’t bind your customer into a huge commitment. Remember, you are in business to help others, not to trap them into a situation that could turn into a law suit or a disaster.

(9) Professional emails
If you write very professional looking emails to your prospects and clients, you gain credibility. If you make lots of spelling mistakes or communicate poorly, or just don’t respond at all, that counts against you. Don’t use personal emails for business if you can help it. People want an email address with a suffix that is your website. steve@vksconsulting.com not steveb313@gmail.com

(10) Be flexible
You need money saved up, and a labor pool at your disposal. If you suddenly get a new client, you need to get labor in a snap. If you already know who the callers are and have them already trained, assessed and whatever you need to do to get them shipshape, then you are shipshape. If you have to scramble and hire strangers in a pinch who might not be that good, your client might not be too happy. It might make sense to let your client do the picking.

Okay, I fulfilled my promise. There are ten ways to get more call center clients. Happy calling!

Facebook is international, but Linked In focuses more on American Business

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Every social media platform is all over the globe. That is a well known fact. But, Linked In is mainly used by Americans with Indians in the #2 spot. Keep in mind that total members in the USA are only 84 million, but the quantity of their usage and pay-per-click fees represented about 80% of their total volume. This is an advantage if you like Targeting Americans! Linked In has also grown to have 277 million members, up from 200 million a year ago. They have had regular and moderate growth for many years. Linked In’s total number of followers needs to be adjusted, because I signed up twice. One for each of my businesses (maybe that is not so important.)

Linked in was launched on May 05, 2003!
Linked In is also almost four times as good for lead generation as Twitter or Facebook.

Professionals recommend using Linked In by joining professional groups, maintaining a professional profile, and posting industry relevant content.

Many companies that want more business don’t understand the value of sharing quality content. If you write useful information about how your industry works, people will be more likely to want to do business with you. You will gain recognition and faith.

Decision makers use Linked in as well as Facebook, but they use Facebook more for fun and Linked In is used more to make business contacts and business decision. So, what’s your business decision?

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