How good are you at mediating?

When you started your business, you were thinking about offering a service. You were thinking about having a room filled with productive workers and managing them. But, were you thinking about conflict resolution? In real life, when you have a bunch of different personalities in a room, there will be conflicts. The key is learning how to resolve them early so they don’t get out of hand. Or, just fire the person causing the conflict!

One of the issues with conflict management in the workplace is that business owners are not trained in this art. In many companies, employees are often not satisfied with how managers resolved their conflicts. It may just not be a priority, or perhaps the managers were not trained. It might make sense to call in some professional help. Hire a consultant. It is that important. How will your team function as a team in the long run if you continue to have arguments and personality clashes going on?

In many cases, certain personalities just cannot get along with other particular people no matter what managers do. It is important to understand the personalities on your team, so you can quickly figure out how to solve any personality clashes they get themselves into. It might make sense to test your employees out. Have them work in conjunction with other employees and then rotate them. That way you can get some practice seeing who gets along with whom and how to resolve the various conflicts that arise. Other than that, read more articles on the topic and hire an expert!

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