Subliminal messages in on hold message – online hypnosis!

People spend a lot of time on hold. Personally, I lack the patience for being on hold. It can last for twenty minutes or an hour sometimes. I wonder if companies value my time at all? But, maybe there is a lot opportunity here. If you put subliminal messages on your on hold message, you might sell more.

Subliminal messages are a form of hypnosis.
The listener might not be consciously aware that they are receiving messages, but their subconscious will definitely pick up on it. You could have messages that make people want to buy stuff, or just make them enjoy being on hold. I’m not sure how the whole subliminal message technique works, but I guess you can program humans to enjoy or want anything.

I was just at a car dealership.
I commented on how they liked Mo-town music from the 60’s. As usual, the rep claimed he didn’t even notice the music half the time since he was so used to it. But, I told them this was a wasted opportunity. They could play music with subliminal undercurrents worked into the music. Or just play cool songs like, “Baby you can drive my car.” and other songs that make you want to buy a car. Who says that the music needs to be subtle in its message? Songs could be picked with lyrics about cars or whatever else you are selling.

What about your BPO?
Imagine if you had some subliminal messages on the on hold music for your outsourcing outfit? Or what if you just had really pleasant music that people enjoyed listening to. It pays to figure out what type of music your clients like, but how many companies even bother? But, if I ran a call centre, I’d have hypnotic messages saying, “get more seats, get 100 seats in our call center with a three year contract!”

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