Tired of Social Media? Try Anti-Social Media

I’m very tired of social media. It’s always the same anti-social people, the same boring posts, etc. And then I get into the same addictive behavior all over again. I quit social media four months ago only to become addicted to it again. Maybe I should have a rule that I only use it at night.

The truth is that the type of people who use social media the most are very anti-social. Try making friends on social media. Even the people who follow you and have interacted with you before don’t want to know you. We might as well come up with a new form of media called anti-social media.

But, how would it work? Anti-social media platforms would reward you for each time you offend people. They would poll other readers to get a score for how cutting or disturbing your comment was. The more you upset, the more followers they give you. I like this idea almost as much as I like my idea called “Dissed.” Dissed is a social media site where you get notified every time someone unfriends you.

“Sorry John, you were just dissed by Cindy!”

Anti-social media could also be a place to show inappropriate photos, or photos of people at their worst. You could take photos of your friends when they just got out of bed, or spilled something on themselves. Or you could spill something on them just to have a good photo for anti-social media.

I’m not sure what is becoming of society, but the cool people I know hang out at cafes and NOT on social media!

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