I do my best business thinking when I’m NOT in the office

Many of us are accustomed to thinking that we can only work in an office and that we would simply not be businesslike if we weren’t in an office building. If you are accustomed to working in an office, this might be true for you. But, an office environment can be chaotic and not a good place to think. Writers typically don’t like offices and they are some of the most creative people of all. I work from my home. However, my best business thoughts happen when I am not at home. So, where do these winning thoughts happen?

At a friend’s house
If you are at a friend’s house or workplace chatting, you might stumble upon your best business idea just talking about your business issues. The best business decision I ever made stemmed from dropping by my friend’s office.

At a restaurant
When you get bored waiting for your check at a restaurant and start daydreaming, that might be where your best business thinking happens. It is then and only then that you really have time to reflect on the deeper workings of your business and processes.

At the beach
I go to the beach all the time. But, I don’t go to swim. I go to sit in my car at night and soak in all of the relaxing energies that the coastal spirits give me. In the world of elemental spirits there are water spirits and then there are tree spirits. It is about one to four hundred feet from the coast where these two types of spirits merge to create a hybrid type of spirit I call a coastal spirit. I sleep like a baby with these spirits around and enjoy reading in my car. I’ll read business blogs and think about business topics. I think of fun things to write about and new ideas for managing my business better.

Under a Banyan tree
They say that the Buddha attained enlightenment sitting under a Banyan or Bodhi tree. I like to sit with my back to a redwood tree to benefit from the healing powers that these majestic trees possess. I sometimes have my best business thoughts sitting under a big tree.

At my psychic’s house
My psychic and I have great conversations about business. Sometimes the winning thoughts will come to me while sitting with him. Sometimes we channel from the consciousness of business greats of the 1900’s and even better thoughts come to us.

The office
When I’m in my work space, I get a lot of busy work done. But, work involving deep thinking is never accomplished at my work station. Perhaps in the other desk in my home office, but not at my primary work space which is where I crank out lots of blog articles, thousands of phone calls and more!

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