What’s the difference between getting business advice from a millionaire & a billionaire?

Millionaires are not as smart as you think.
Most people I know don’t have the luxury of being able to get business advice from billionaires. Most people can’t even name a billionaire. In fact, most people I know are completely broke! I know a few people who have a million in assets. When they give business advice, some of it makes a lot of sense and some misses the mark. There is no consistency, and the depth of thought is very limited.

We look up to them, but should we?
Most of us look up to millionaires as they have a lot more money and perhaps brains than we do. However, our image of millionaires is heavily influenced by the media who is showing multi-millionaires who live in the lap of luxury. In real life, the average millionaire in America looks like an average guy, might drive an old car, wear ordinary clothes and behave in a very unpretentious manner. It is the new rich who flash their wealth and are living in the fast lane a lot of the time — and a few others who are pretending to be nouveau riche!

What’s difference between a successful person & a very successful person?
The difference between a successful business man and a very successful one is that the very successful one says “no” a much higher percentage of the time. The difference between getting a reasonable deal and a very optimized carefully thought out deal defines your success as a wheeler and dealer! To be really successful you have to make ideal choices on a regular basis.

We channeled the consciousnesses of various billionaires & other individuals.
My psychic has the uncanny ability to communicate with departed spirits and also with the consciousnesses of living people. I have always dreamed of communicating with Warren Buffet, but I can’t imagine him being interested in talking to me for more than two or three minutes which would not be enough for any meaningful discourse. So, my psychic was able to tune into his consciousness and get really high quality answers to business questions.

Buffet consciousness’ advice on the long-term optimization of employees won my heart!
I asked many people for advice on hiring social media help. The advice from successful people was normally to hire intelligent high energy people. The next level of advice was to verify the track record of people I intended to hire by seeing if they had been published on a regular basis by respectable publications. The billionaire advice focused not only on verifying if they applicant was published regularly, but on slowly optimizing my pool of helpers over time. Buffet’s consciousness had a long term philosophy of gradually refining my pool of outsourced social media help until they are just absolutely perfect. Buffet’s consciousness understood that perfection might not be a possibility all at once, but is attainable in time!

Which programmer one would you let your daughter marry? Tapping into Hyundae consciousness.
I asked many people for advice on hiring programmers. The standard answers were to hire someone with experience, or who you like. In real life this is the tip of the iceberg. Then when I told people that programmers typically quit in the middle of projects, they suggested complicated projects and test assignments. The problem was that there needs to be specific input as to how long a test assignment should be or what it should emphasize. After asking many people, we tuned into Hyundae consciousness. I wanted to know how successful Koreans think as their nationality is on the up and up these days. The results were surprising and sounded more like Hindu Brahmins than anything else. Hyundae consciousness recommended hiring people from “good” families. Nobody had ever said that to me before. My first reaction was to ask, what do you mean by a “good” family? Just because your parents went to good schools, does that make you a “good” person? In traditional society it does (to a point)! Then, I rephrased the question in my mind. If I had a daughter, which programmer would I feel more comfortable marrying my daughter to? Then, I had a eureka moment. Then I knew the answer. I knew which programmers to hire and which not to in an instant! Bingo! If you are hiring a programmer for a long term project, you need someone you can trust in the long run. Your intuition might tell you more about that than a resume or even having experience knowing the quality of the individual’s work.

Tapping into Coca-Cola consciousness
My psychic also tapped into Coca-Cola consciousness. Coca-Cola is a huge multi-billion dollar enterprise that has been around seemingly forever. It is run by a huge number of higher level executives. So, when we tap into their consciousness it is more of a collective consciousness of the big-wigs. We asked their consciousness the same types of questions we asked everyone else, but the answers were completely different as these were billionaires we were dealing with.

Give them the illusion that they are in control
We were instructed to have complete control over the programmers, while giving them the illusion that they are the ones in control – a fascinating psychological approach from a leader in soft drink marketing! The next piece of advice on hiring social media help was also completely different from anything I’ve heard before. I was instructed to hire people partly based on what their income was. I was instructed not to hire people who made below 50,000 per year as they by definition would lack work skills. Ironically, I was instructed not to hire people about 100,000 as they might be too full of themselves to be helpful to me.

The information from billionaires was vastly more sophisticated
My psychic and I did a lot of interviewing consciousness(es). It sounds pretty bizarre, but it is actually the most helpful thing I have ever done for my business. Each individual or organization we interviewed had a different take on hiring and business management. But, the most valuable piece of information I got was that the quality of business information I got was vastly more sophisticated and helpful when it came from people who were billionaires rather than run of the mill successful people.

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