Do you see yourself as an Entrepreneur, or CEO?

I was talking to my friend the other day. Some of the most meaningful conversations I have ever had happen when I just drop by to someone’s office, or just feel the urge to talk with someone who I haven’t talked to for a long time. Well, my friend told me that I was a CEO of a technology company — like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. I don’t feel that way about myself. I feel that I am nowhere as smart as either of those two guys. Additionally, I only have a programmer and a few assistants. I don’t manager dozens, hundreds or thousands of workers. When you are in that league it is a different ballgame.

So, basically, I see myself as an entrepreneur who has moved up the ladder to the point where he has a few people working for him. I am not in a huge hurry to grow because I like stable growth based on stable clients, stable markets, and stable skills. But, maybe I am a CEO in a small scale type of a way. Or perhaps I should think of myself as one. The main real difference between me and a CEO is that they can snap their fingers and have labor resources on a particular task. I can’t do that. I have to find people myself, test them out, etc. I can’t do my tasks if I am busy hiring others. So, I am at a difficult stage in business where growth actually does hurt.

But, maybe I should gradually shift my consciousness to CEO consciousness, or start thinking more like one today. If I am going to grow, I need to start thinking like someone who is already bigger than I am. It is common sense and the law of the cyberverse. So, how can I be more like a real CEO? Well, for starts, I can put down my subscription to Entrepreneur, and start reading CEO. Next, I can find intelligent ways to delegate a higher portion of my tasks, even if it is little by little And last, I can have a weekly meeting with myself to take notes on business decisions and the conditions of the week. Top level people have reports, and keep track of their business more in writing, while I keep it mostly in my head. I guess it’s all in my head!

Maybe this is the type of question to ask my cat.

ME: Mrs. Meao, do you see me as being more of an entrepreneur or a CEO?
CAT: (sniff sniff sniff) Meao!!! (with puzzled expression on her furry face)

Putting reason aside, the topic of today’s blog entry is mind expanding. Your entire existance can be changed by contemplating this topic. Anyway, I gotta go meditate. The universe is calling me!

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