A company has a board of directors, so why shouldn’t you?

Some of us run large companies and others run micro-companies. My friend claimed that I was a CEO of a tech company. I argued that I was an Entrepreneur with one full-time person helping me and a few freelancers. I see my company as more of a marketing company that is based on a website which is technical by definition. So, perhaps my business is marketing / tech combined. But, putting aside whether I am a small enterprise or a huge corporation, the idea of a board of directors is an interesting one to ponder, so let me pontificate!

Issues with a board
Putting aside whether having a board of directors is a good idea for an entrepreneur, it makes a great topic for a blog article. You could even write multiple blogs on the topic as your experience with a board develops — you can’t get bored with the concept of a board! The main issues is that very few people will understand the technology, analytics, or daily procedures and issues that my business faces. However, if I talk a smart person through my issues, they might be able to offer valuable ideas.

Others do not understand the technology my business uses – but, they might understand people
I know my business inside out. I don’t understand programming, but I outsource people to help me with that. The issue I have with programmers is finding people who will be reliable and not cheat which is almost impossible. So, the issue I have is not technical, and remains constant with the ever-changing technology as human beings are generally unreliable! I don’t need a mentor or board member to understand the technology I use, but to understand how to deal with people.

Others don’t understand the analytics I use, but they need to understand strategy
I don’t need others to understand the marketing analytics of my business as I already have a handle on that. I need them to understand strategy. If they can think of or assess ideas regarding long term business strategy, that could change the course of my business. Or they might think of something that I would never think of that could be the magic idea that could change my life forever.

Getting multiple people together is impossible
I cannot afford to pay people big bucks to attend meetings. Any meeting I would have would be one on one and possibly over the phone. I like the idea of having four or six people be on my board. I could be the tie-breaker or the swing vote. That way we would have a diversity of ideas, and an evenhanded way of originating, discussing, evaluating and choosing ideas. It might be complicated doing this entire process one by one, but you never know.

The Solution
Don’t laugh. I’m going to do this tomorrow. I work with a psychic who is strong in a variety of uncommon but useful skills. He understands past life regression, channeling, and spirit communication. The problem is that the people who I want to channel are living, so we can’t talk to their departed spirit. My psychic says that he can tap into the consciousness of a living person and get answers to questions in a reliable way. We are going to channel some of the best business minds and management teams in human history like Warren Buffet, Toyota, Google, Coca Cola, Wells Fargo, and more. It sounds far out, but I have been working with this guy for almost a decade and he is really helpful. Part two of this article will be about what we found out!

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