8 profiles of “caring” workers. But, which type are you better off with?

Your success in business could be determined by having workers that care. But, how do you differentiate a caring workers from one who does not? In real life it is not so easy as there are many levels to caring. There are many profiles of workers and each one is different.

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The Drone – The worker who just does their job
There are many people who just do their job. They don’t care if the work is good and they don’t even double check or look for feed back. They just don’t care, and it shows. Miraculously many bosses keep this type of worker and don’t look for better which results in very mediocre output!

The Nice Person – The worker who is pleasant to all
There are some workers who are very polite and pleasant. They are so considerate that you might be fooled into thinking that they really care. Don’t be!

The Good Communicator – The worker who will have detailed conversations with you
There are other workers who will have long talks with you about work. They will suggest their own ideas which are often good ones. They will make sure work gets done. But, this type might slack off starting a few months before they quit, so beware!

The Loyal Worker – The worker who sticks around
Some people are quitters while others show loyalty to the boss. This doesn’t necessarily mean they care about their job, but they value the stability of the work.

The Selectively Caring Worker – The worker who cares about some aspects of their work
Some people care a lot about the parts of their work that they relate to, but don’t care at all about many other parts of the work that the boss tries to get them to put more emphasis on. These are “selectively” caring workers.

The Undependable Caring Worker
I know people who care tremendously about their work and its results. They care so much that if one person calls them back, they will look through the trash to try to find the data to associate the person’s number with their name. They will invest twenty minutes calling someone back who didn’t even leave a message and then go to the beach when they are supposed to be at work the next day. This type of worker will waste endless time on something that is completely meaningless and completely neglect the bigger picture.

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The Limited Availability Freelancer
With freelancers, this is a regular problem. You might have a very caring and conscientious worker who just won’t do more than a few hours a week for you because their other work is a priority. At least they didn’t leave you completely in the cold. This is a type of worker you can work with in the long run because they are panning out even though they always leave you wishing for more!

The Midnight Toker
Ideally, you need a worker who will care about all of the aspects of their work. You need someone who will stay until midnight if necessary. You need someone who is constantly trying to improve upon themselves. And finally, you need someone who is loyal and won’t quit on a whim.

Perfection is Not Always Possible
It might not be so easy to find perfect workers every time. But, if you are constantly interviewing people all the time, you might get better at finding them and keeping them on board. The perfect company has perfect workers, so keep perfection as your goal.

As my friend Chung-Ho who owns a Chinese bakery always says, “Reach for the moon cake!”

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