Philanthropic ideas for your business – are you giving enough back?

Giving back to society is a common theme for many business schools, business owners, and regular folks as well. We all talk about it, but we sometimes don’t know the best ways to give back. Some people just give to particular organizations while others make a big show about how 1% of your payment to their company will go to a charity to feed starving penguins in Antarctica and help pay for late fees for their tuxedo rentals too. But, there are many ways to give back. And it doesn’t matter if it is broadcasted or not. When you give to others, the universe will do more for you. Giving strengthens your relationship with God — or if you are in India, then it strengthens your relationship with the Gods!

When you make money and keep it all, you create an energetic short circuit according to Kabbalistic thinking. Giving opens up your incoming channel. You really can’t become wealthy unless your metaphysical intake valve is open and has a vacuum effect. Giving creates this exact phenomenon. Try it and see what happens. Not all giving is the same. If you give $10 to a homeless man, he will probably use it to buy alcohol. Give the same $10 to a homeless shelter, they will use it to buy beds, toothbrushes and soup to help battered women and other homeless people who desperately need help.

Ways to give!

(1) Give to charities!
There are many charities to give to. Not all are reputable, and many charities embezzle or are inefficient in how they handle money. So, do your homework. The Red Cross, and many homeless shelters are where I would give first. Spiritual organizations tend to be corrupt — I should know as I hang out around them. Giving to a group that is part charity and part for profit will not gain you buddy points with God, so find organizations that have no hidden profit agenda!

(2) Give first & don’t only give leftover money…
Some organizations give their leftover money to charity. They wait until their accounting for the month or quarter is done and give some of the remainder to a good cause. Don’t do this. Give first. Make giving a priority, and God will make your business growth his. Giving establishes a partnership with God. Who better to create a partnership with. After all, he created you, and controls the universe — at least most parts of the universe!

(3) Volunteer & have your employees volunteer too
Volunteering is a great way to meet others and develop compassion. You create jewels within yourself by helping others who really need it. Sure, nice people help their friends and neighbors, but helping those who you don’t know who are in distress means so much more. Having your workers volunteer on company time can develop good qualities in them as well. If I had an army of workers, I would want them to develop caring and compassion, wouldn’t you?

(4) Provide free job training
Many young people can’t get jobs because they have no experience. You run a company, right? What if you trained those people? Then, they could get a job and you would not only be helping a single person, but helping your entire society using the skills you have! Having internships is similar. You can teach college kids the ropes of how your company works and they will benefit from that knowledge for the rest of their lives. Giving mentoring is another form of training, and I’m sure that some aspiring business people would love for you to be a mentor!

(5) Show kids how your company works
Not everyone is ready for job training. But, some of the younger kids might be inspired to spend some time at your office and witness how all of the various jobs work. They could spend some time with the CEO, the janitor, and some of your other staff, just to get the feel of business in their bones!

(6) Pro-Bono work
If you have some poor clients who really need help (and deserve it) then you can give discounted or free work to some selected people.

Giving is a wonderful way to help others while developing your spiritual side and learning from the experience as well. According to Christianity and Judaism you should give 10% of your earnings to charity. The Muslims are less demanding and only require a 2.5% Zakat of your wealth. Either way, don’t over do it or under do it. Giving is an important part of life! Additionally, strange things happen when I give. I just gave a chunk of money to charity and people have been giving me discounts on lunch, dinner, car repairs, and all types of other things since! Once I even found $2 in loose change in the dryer right after giving to charity. Give and see what happens to you!

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