Attracting clients to your call center — testimonials

We all want to attract more clients to our business. But how? There are so many avenues to attract clients. Some are expensive, and some are cumbersome. We have written many articles on the topic that you can read about if you click on the right on our call center category and scroll.

Missing the Obvious
Many call centers lose clients when they answer the phone. It is common for overseas call centers to have unclear phone lines and people who don’t speak clearly. My take is that you can’t possibly be a decent call center if there are any serious issues with your communication. Others have a dysfunctional web site with links that don’t work. If you can’t function, how can you possibly help others to function?

Getting Testimonials is Easy
Getting testimonials is a great marketing technique. It costs nothing to get testimonials — all you have to do is ask. You can use people as references as well. The question of where to post your testimonials is an even more interesting one. You can have a web page or several web pages devoted to testimonials. It is a common best practice to show the beginnings of a few of your best testimonials on your home page, and then have a “more…” link below that for those who want to read all of your client testimonials. You can also put more testimonials on your services page. A smart business person will put testimonials all over the place.

Review Sites are Powerful
Sites like Yelp, Angie’s list, and many directories have reviews these days. There are new sites sprouting up every day as well. Although these sites are “external,” having reviews on them can be powerful as you can link to those sites. Additionally, you can refer people to sites with reviews about you by using Twitter and Facebook as well as posting links in your blog.

Do You Blog?
Most people in outsourcing do not blog. There are only a handful of companies that do, and their blogs are often quite boring with ultra-short and/or self-promoting content. Others just post about outsourcing deals in the news which nobody wants to read about. People who are interested in outsourcing do NOT want to read about who Wipro and Accenture are buying out, etc. They want to read marketing articles and interesting points of views about the industry. However, you can also post reviews in your blog. If you have a popular blog (which takes a lot of building up to attain) you can post very potent marketing materials on your blog. Don’t try to sell on a blog as a general rule. However, you can publish content about your company, referrals, testimonials, interesting things that happen in your office, etc. The point of the blog is so that people get to know you and respect you as a source of quality knowledge — not to sell. If they grow to like you, they will buy on their own. We get dozens of new clients every month who claim they became clients because they liked our Facebook and blogging which incidentally work as a pair. The Facebook promotes blog posts, and the blog wouldn’t get half as much traffic without the Facebook.

Start Today!
So, go and get some testimonials and post them all over the place where prospective clients will be seeing them. You will get more business and people will feel better about you. You will feel better about yourself as well.

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