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Wouldn’t it be nice to have your office in the Himalayas.

I have proven to myself that working in different environments strongly affects your endurance, and work output. Working in a calming environment helps neutralize the negative effects of stress, while working the desert or forest can be invigorating (depending on which desert and which forest.) Industries that capitalize on cheap labor (like Call Centers ) are desperately in need of more therapeutic offices even though that might not be economically feasible. But, Google capitalizes on innovative office spaces that make you feel good to be there and collaborate with others which better innovation, and drastically reduced turnover. Is your priority to save short-term cash or to have happy long-term workers?
Narrow mindedness could be a bigger enemy than cost as most managers are reluctant to think about innovating their offices.


Being in the desert is stimulating in itself because of the dryness and the energies which are often innate to many desert areas. Although the desert is an arid place, not to worry, your ideas won’t dry up there. But, how would you structure an attractive yet practical office environment in this unique local. My friends and I thought of several ideas which sounded fun. Here they are:

(1) Ramadas.
Imagine having open-air structures where you can enjoy the breeze, yet be protected from the oppressive rays of the sun. You can hear the birds chirping, and see the cacti growing while going about your busy day of scheduling meetings, making calls, doing emails, and complicated analysis. Having cabanas is the Cuban alternative to a ramada as cabanas are made out of canvas while ramadas are adobe.

(2) Pyramids
When in Rome, do as the Romans do. But, can you picture a pyramid in Tucson? Actually, I can because half of the mountains in that region are shaped like pyramids. Pyramids are symbolic shapes. They represent the most geometrically stable shapes known to physics, but also represent graves. Having an office in a pyramid might be the best type of feng-shui if you are in a business that requires stability, and also if you’re involved in a Ponzi scheme or perhaps network marketing.

You could build lots of little pyramids around many strangely shaped pools, and then the CEO would get the corner pyramid (of course.) Or you could just have one big pyramid. Mid-level management could go on a middle floor of the pyramid. Some of the programmers might opt to have an underground office. It would be something like a man-cave. Think of the benefits — fewer distractions.

In a conventional office, workers hang out at the water cooler. But, in an desert office, workers can hang out at a mirage.

Additionally, family oriented people like pyramids because there are a lot of mummies there.

Just thinking about the tantalizing prospects of an office in the desert makes my mouth water, except the water is merely a mirage.

(3) Underground
Imagine an office build within a hill in the desert. You would have protection from the heat, but have windows facing the sloping hill where you could see all of the saguaros, barrel cacti, and organ pipe cacti. Your office would be in a garden. We would write more about desert offices, but our ideas have dried up (for now.)


(1) American Forest
Imagine having an office park made out of tree houses. As a nature lover, I can’t stand the idea of nailing anything into a living tree. However, the trees (who have feelings of course) might enjoy having some nature loving humans around. You could have a treetop office suite. You could have mini glass enclosed hemispheres with office units inside. I prefer something that is not intrusive on the natural setting that doesn’t require foundations, etc. There could be cabins in a meadow in a forest as well. If your business does well in the trees, you might acquire quite a nice nest egg. But, if your business thrives more in an urban areas, you might be barking up the wrong tree.

There are disadvantages to the forest too. I might be going out on a limb here, but the type of people who work in tree houses are a bunch of saps. Also, when you work in the forest, you are sure to be surrounded by shady characters.

(2) The Himalayas
If you were in the Himalayas, it might be nice to have small huts and have the locals (who have a high unemployment rate) come and bring you tea and snacks from time to time. Imagine the possibilities for pampering. Electricity and conveniences might not be very reliable up there, but things are changing!


Having a beach house or a bunch of beach huts might be a nice way to have an office. Houseboats are another great idea. But, top it off with having your office on a boat. I enjoy doing phone calls from my car on a cliff overlooking the beach. Others enjoy working with their laptop right on the beach! You can take your office wherever you want to go these days!

Having an office in the right atmosphere can change the quality of your work. Experiment a little and see how changing your work location affects you!

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