Magic Words in Business

Do you use magic words in business? Special words can really improve your customer relations. However, without proper follow-up, you will lose your reputation!

Can I help?

I’ll let you know!

I’ll deliver on time every time.

I appreciate your business.

Can I send you a link to some information regarding the question you asked?

I’ll send you a rate schedule.

I’ll create a customized plan to meet your individual needs.

Being helpful is great. But, going the extra mile is even better. Delivering on promises is more important than making them. There are all types of characters in business that promise all types of things. If you don’t deliver services on time, you will lose your reputation quickly. Being patient and helpful with customers is important too. Some customers like to ramble, and it is important to tolerate their inefficient behavior so you don’t offend them. But, to go the extra mile you need to offer customized help to clients. Not all clients will benefit from seeing your rate schedule. They only need one quote and that quote is to get what they need done they way they want it done. If you can tune into individual needs and comfort zones your business will do much better.

Many business do what is convenient for themselves with very little regard for what is convenient for the client. You are there to help others, not yourself. So, try to tune into what people really want, and say some magic words too in order to make people feel good.

Have a nice day!

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