I didn’t get retweeted, but that’s okay…

It sounds like a song, doesn’t it. Using Twitter is an art that even the best people on social media don’t entirely understand. Mastery of Twitter involves understanding the subtle differences between a tweet worded one way and a tweet with one or two different words. One slight change in wording could be the difference between a viral tweet and a dud.

So, in your endless experiments, doing a dozen tweet variations for each blog post you write, just understand that not all of your tweets will be popular. Yes, you need a few winners, but the losers don’t hurt you. So, if a post doesn’t get retweeted, just sing my little song:

“I didn’t get retweeted, but that’s okay; I’ll have better luck — another day!
I didn’t get retweeted, but that’s okay; My growth hacking analytics sorrows that I’ve had for many many years — will go away”

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