God and Retirement Income

What do God and retirement income have in common? Not much — but, also more than you think. After you retire you’ll be seeing a lot more of God. On the other hand, God controls your income and money comes from God as do all other things. So, should you pray to God that your retirement will be affluent? No. However, what makes sense is to always be close to God, and also find ways of getting income.

Many retired people find that retirement is boring and is the one thing that will kill them. It seems a shame that young people are forced to work so hard that they lose their lifestyle while the elderly and handicapped are often prevented from working. My suggestion is to keep working — but, take lots of time off and don’t work more than 15-30 hours depending on how feeble you are getting. Work will make you feel good.

But, what kinds of income can a retired person get?

Investment Income: If you saved up during your younger years, you can make nice dividends on your investments. If you can make a few hundred or a thousand in dividends and pair it with some other income, you will be set.

Social Security: In America, Social Security will pay you something every month, but generally not enough to live affluently on. But, fi combined with other sources of income you might be okay.

Freelancing: You don’t have to be 20-something to freelance. You can be old just as long as you get the job done. Look on the bright side, how many of those 20 year olds have 40 years of experience (not including past lives?)

Start a Business: Nothing fancy, but a part-time business is a nice way for an elderly person to be their own boss. Your customers will know you and understand that you have your good days and your forgetful days.

Real Estate: If you manage properties that you own, or that family members own, you can make a lot of money. Younger people don’t have time to drive around to see if properties are properly maintained and give people key’s etc. An elderly person has one asset in their advantage — time. Most old people think that time is not on their side as they have few years to go. But, keep eating vegetables and understand that being retired makes you have all the time in the world. If you manage your time effectively, you might do well in Real Estate as it involves a lot of driving around, talking to people and checking up on negligent young whipper-snappers.

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