If you know what you’re looking for, that’s half the battle

Many of us go through life without knowing what we’re looking for. We get into particular habits, and spend time with particular people. But, what do we really want. We spend half of our lives trying to attain particular goals. But, are the goals what we want?

For me, my lifestyle was always one of my goals. What good is money, if you are the slave of it? I want my freedom, and my current business allows a fair amount of is along with a lot of work.

Many others slave away so they can make money, but by the time they make it, their health is so bad they can’t enjoy it.

Another interesting point is that in my business, there are many directions for expansion. I am never sure which direction to take. I know I want to expand and make more money, but which direction do I expand? Should I spend more time on social media, Twitter, blogging, or other marketing channels? And which of my three businesses should I focus more on? It is all very confusing. Sometimes I think I need to spend more time having meetings with myself to figure this all out. The more you venture down a particular avenue, the more clearly you see it. As someone who does twenty things at once all day long, finding my balance and focus is another complication. I’m not sure what I’m looking for in my balance or focus. I hope I figure that out. But, I have decided to do more sales and a little less marketing. That is a big part of my new balance as it brings faster cash and money is one of my biggest goals.

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