Is it better to be an entrepreneur in a place like Texas?

There are entrepreneurs everywhere. Some places have more of an entrepreneur culture while others don’t. The places that stick out in my head as havens for enthusiastic entrepreneurs are Silicon Valley, Boulder, CO, and Texas. I’m not sure what is special about the Silicon Valley intrinsically. It is a place with a lot of people from all over Asia. I’m not sure what it was like before the tech boom. Boulder is a place where mountains meet plains; Where pioneers created a new life; Where there is energy in the air. I can see why Boulder does well as an entrepreneur hub. I spent a few nights there in my life and felt invigorated the next day. The people there have so much enthusiasm and happiness to share with others. They truly have a unique breeding ground for excellence. But, what about Texas?

Texas is a place that is huge. It’s a state that started out as its own country. Some of the local whites formed a militia and stood up to Mexico on several occasions to create this state. The result is that many people died, and that their state incurred a huge pile of debt. Nine years later the United States offered to annex Texas and pay off their debts — and Texas accepted. I just wonder if being in a state that fought to exist against all odds helps you as an entrepreneur. The whole spirit of that state is to create something new in dangerous uncharted territory. It is just like the world of business when you think about it. It’s also cheap to buy land there and the weather is reasonable year round.

Throughout history, many business men have made it big in Texas — really big. Thinking big will definitely help you in business, but thinking really big might help even more. My next road trip is going to be to Texas. Wish me luck and don’t forget to say “Yee-Haw” when I cross the border.

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