An organized mind is a terrible thing to waste

Do you have a friend who is a scatterbrain? Is he constantly rushing around trying to get things done in a disorganized way? The human mind has tens of thousands of disorganized thoughts floating around every day and those thoughts can wreak chaos on your productivity and stress levels.

A person who has regulated thoughts can actually get more work done, prioritize better, be more punctual about the things that matter, and get through the day smoothly. Trademarks of a mentally organized person are a clean desk, a clean house, neat personal appearance, level emotional behavior, and clear communication. Of course in real life, it might not be so clear cut identifying a mentally regulated person, but they are likely to have some of the traits I just mentioned.

So, what is the secret of getting more done every day and getting higher quality work done? Taking time off. Taking a long walk in nature every day refreshes the body and mind and delivers precious oxygen where it is needed. Meditating once or more per day also calms the mind. Other people prefer Hatha Yoga or deep breathing which is also excellent for the mind. Trying to do too much is like trying to drive your car without having an oil change or having a pit stop to refuel and check your tire pressure. Down-time is as important as up-time, but not everybody realizes this. It is also important to have hobbies. Mind-stimulating hobbies can sometimes be the best. I play “Go” or “Wei-qi” which is a Chinese game of strategy. Playing that game activates my mind in ways that my other daily activities do not. Reading a variety of materials or studying a foreign language can also activate different parts of your brain. There needs to be diversity in your daily regime — it cannot be all work and no play or you will become completely out of balance and not function efficiently.

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