If you focus on work, work will focus on you

There are so many people who complain that they don’t get enough work. Most of the time, if you use those people, they will do a terrible job and not pay attention to the needs of the clients. When I interview underemployed people, their dedication to work and their ability to answer professional questions is often really dismal.

On the other hand, those that pay a lot of attention to their work tend to have too many clients. They often don’t even need to advertise their work. It is hard to find people who are very good at what they do. When people find them, they tend to be very loyal to these service providers.

Personally, I am overworked. I try to prioritize my work and find smarter scheduling mechanisms that allow me to focus on the most critical tasks. My methods for valuating the various types of work I do are not always the best. So, I keep evolving my methods for valuating my work.

On a more humorous note, when I make business calls to lazy people, they always complain. Why are you calling me on a Sunday? Why are you calling me at night? Shouldn’t you be out partying tonight? It is amazing how lazy people want to twist your arm into being as unproductive as they are? Honestly, I would love to take lots of time off and travel. But, work comes first with me since I value success.

The moral of this story is that if you put a high amount of focus on work, and make it your number one priority to master and refine, that work will much more easily come your way — especially once you have attained some level of mastery or expertise!

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