WW3 has begun. We have about 12 years left

Nostradamus and Revolation in the New Testament seem to agree that a huge war and massive disturbances on planet earth will occur. It seems that WW3 has already begun although there is no actual technical beginning date. The first U.S. invasion of Iraq seems to be a huge milestone in the progress of the war. It is hard for me to see exactly how this horrible war will play itself out. Is it the Communists and terrorists against the West? Or is it Shiites vs. Sunnis with Russia and the United States getting involved in a violent Middle Eastern drama?

Or perhaps, it is about Syria which has eight factions fighting for control. The U.S. and Russia are supporting different factions with ISIS, Kurds, Hezbullah, and other groups involved in this insane conflict that is leaving most of the country homeless. The problem is that this conflict will most likely spread to other countries. It is easy to see how Syrians being present in Europe is creating a huge crisis. It is also easy to see how the entire Arab world can so easily be lured into regional wars against extremists. But, my guru says that conflict will spread to India and will be so severe that no life will be possible anywhere in India except the Deccan Plateau — what a statement!

On a brighter note, in 2028 a huge asteroid is supposed to come close to the earth. That could offset our planet’s equilibrium. Others are predicting a pole shift and other huge catastrophes. It seems clear to me that we have 12 years left to enjoy a normal life. I guess my guru’s advice of living each day as if it were your last is making more sense to me. It seems like we have very little time left.

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