50 million muslims are refugees. Here is how the world can help

With all of the unrest going on, there are about 50 million displaced people in the world right now, mostly Muslims. Western countries had the idea that they would “do their share” and “chip in” to absorb a few hundred thousand of the victims. Honestly, there are ongoing debates about how to background screen people to make sure they aren’t terrorists, and these debates go on and on while refugees are suffering living in tents with no jobs. Even if America lets in 10,000 of them, what will the other 49,990,000 do? Think about it. There needs to be a solution where everybody has a home, a job and hopefully an iPhone too.

My solution is for the Western countries to all get together and create a country out of nowhere — out of nothing. That probably means “stealing” land from some broken state somewhere in Africa or in Afghanistan. Those places are mostly controlled by rebels who are thieves themselves. Is it a sin to steal from a thief? Is there any honor among thieves anyway?

If the world powers got together, created a joint army or new organization to create a state for the stateless, this would be part one of a solution. The next step would be to get the corporations together to set up some sort of simple manufacturing. Nothing too capital intensive since the locations would not be politically stable. But, the benefit would be that the world could benefit from the labor of 50 million people, and those 50 million would have a home, a job, and perhaps an iPhone too.

As a general rule, with the world becoming more international, I think we need many states throughout the planet that are international zones that anyone from anywhere who has been background checked can go.

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