Twitter has changed it’s game. My retweets are being ignored!

News from the Twitterverse
I remember the good old days. Perhaps a year ago in Twitter time. I retweeted a lot of content and got a lot of retweets to my retweets. It was easy. I figured out what my audience liked and gave it to them with a click of a button. But, it’s not working any more. I retweet fascinating stuff, and I rarely get any attention. Why?

Followers coming in droves
But, on a brighter note, it is easier to get new followers. A year ago I had to spend two hours a day on Twitter to get 120 followers. Now, I can get about 200 new followers in about two hours of work. The work consists of following, unfollowing those who didn’t follow me back, favoriting a dozen or so posts, and posting my own content. If you want to know how to get Twitter followers, follow this model.

Where I find my content
Rather than retweeting hot content, I look on Google to see what is hot in the various categories I tweet about. I find good articles there and post them with tweet titles that I think of myself with great tags. I spend a little time on this because a catchy title will get lots of play. The result is that I can easily get between five and twenty interactions on most of my posts without even trying that hard. But, the even better content I share from other accounts by retweeting gets ignored. Interacting helps too. But, you have to be classy how you interact. Most people have dull comments to make where there is nothing you can say in return. This doesn’t help.

Publish or perish!
So come out with your own content, or publish other people’s content under your account rather than sharing. Sharing is history! The new Twitter is about posting.

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