Does it make sense to have a minimum wage or raise it?

It seems nonsensical to have a minimum wage. In a free market economy wages are set by supply and demand. The minute some socialist government like the government of the United States wants to start meddling with wages, there will be a lot of unemployment. Young boys who have never had a job are not worth minimum wage. They’ll sit around unemployed and then get into selling drugs while illegal Mexican immigrants take the jobs that those young boys were morally entitled to. Although the illegal immigrants are paid under the table, they are paid a market wage which is about $4 per hour which is a lot less than the $10 per hour in California. Now, they want to raise the minimum wage.

Minimum wage means unemployment for blacks and more illegal immigration which brings crime, drugs, kidnappers, mafia, and more. Having minimum wages increases the chance that employers will have to break the law out of economic necessity. After all, how can you hire Americans and give them benefits, when your competition is hiring illegals for $4 per hour with no health insurance?

Since America is a country that is selective about which laws they enforce, you should have less laws. Less laws means less problems enforcing whatever laws you keep. If they enforced illegal immigration laws, there would be fewer workers which means higher market value wages. In that case, the market wage for restaurant work and other cheap labor might be $12 to $15 per hour without government meddling.

What about having a maximum wage? Nobody has ever talked about it before. Maybe doctors shouldn’t get paid more than a certain amount. Maybe a clerk at McDonalds shouldn’t make more than $15 per hour no matter how good they are. I feel we are regressing deep into socialism while China has become a playground for capitalists. Invertendo is the word my spiritual Master uses to describe this situation where we become the opposite of what we were and someone else becomes what we were instead.

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