If you are sluggish paying people you owe – metaphysical realities

The beginning of the month was very sluggish in sales. I knew our industry was slow, but it had never been this slow in over ten years. Since I “study” metaphysics by observing reality, I was thinking that perhaps there is a metaphysical solution to this problem. Sales had been down by 40% and I was not sure if I would have to change the way I do business to compensate for this loss. However, I noticed one thing. I was behind paying my programmer by a few weeks. I owed him $3000. The minute I wrote the checks and put them in envelopes, the incoming money flow shot up immediately.

Another thing I noticed is that tything or giving money to reputable charitable organizations really helps keep your income up. Metaphysically speaking, if you help others, and sacrifice your heard earned money for the sake of someone else’s welfare, the universe will help you succeed. The universe’s goal is to help the worthwhile people make their way up the totempole and keep the selfish people at the bottom.

So, if business is slow, or you need better luck, be better about paying people, tything, and do daily prayers as well!

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