Can’t find good workers? Hire a refugee!

Worldwide, it is hard to find good workers. Especially in India, America and the UK, there is a shortage of qualified workers for many tasks. But, what if you could hire a refugee? Workers in America typically say, “I don’t know if I really want to do this.” Refugees don’t talk like that. They have bills to pay and bellies to fee. They will do the most unpleasant work for pennies. But, how do you get a Somali guy to come to India to work at your BPO? And can you train them?

The good news is that many Syrian and African refugees speak English (perhaps better than you do.) If you could train them to do certain tasks for your company, you might have a reliable workforce. In India, it is common for people to quit their jobs on a whim to seek better opportunities. Refugees would be more likely to stick to their job since they have tasted starvation and don’t want any more of it.

On the flip side, having refugees in India would worsen the Hindu-Muslim divide. So, although you might get your work done, there might be more riots, and eventually a civil war. So, in the long run it might not be worth it unless you live in a part of India that is already mostly Muslim.

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