What are the companies applying to be on 123outsource.net like?

You would be surprised at the kind of companies we get applying to be listed on our outsourcing directory. Many of the companies have their assistants fill out the form to get listed with us. There are spelling mistakes galore, capitalization mistakes, notes sections which leave you in the dark about what the company actually does, omitted contact people (no contact person mentioned), websites that don’t function, and other problems. Many companies don’t even put themselves in the right category. They will say Data Entry when they focus more on call center services.

What companies in India don’t realize is that Americans are watching every detail. If Americans see even one spelling mistake, they will assume you are careless. You can explain that you used your fresher to fill out the form and that your company really is careful, and that the form filler was new, etc. But, nobody will buy that. American companies might still use your company if you are dirt cheap. But, if you want to gain loyalty, respect and make good money, you need to clean up your act.

Your website needs to load within four seconds at the longest and have complete information about your company, what they do, how they can be reached, etc. These days sites need to be mobile friendly.

You need to have people answer the phone who announce the company’s name clearly, speak clearly, and who can answer questions.

You need to have experienced people doing the work who are carefully managed and who meet deadlines and get the work done according to specification. Nobody respects late work.

Most outsourcing companies out there do not have their act together. If you want to succeed in the future, concentrate more on being put together and you might get more work than you can handle in the long run.

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