Regions & countries with stagnant populations have stagnant economies.

In the United States for example, the states that experience the most immigration have the best economies. States like California, Connecticut, New York, etc. have booming economies. States like Mississippi that have had the same people for the last few hundred years tend to have slower economies. There is a correlation between population movement and wealth. Part of the correlation is that wealth attracts new populations from other regions. The other part of the equation is that people who move tend to be more highly motivated and hence will work harder in most cases than local born people.

In California for example, the first generation Mexicans here will work under the worst conditions for minimal pay in the fields, kitchens, or painting houses for example. Their children are hard workers as well, but prefer cleaner work conditions. People in America who are fourth generation have a work ethic, but are more picky about what they do. But, in sluggish states where people have been in the same region for ten or more generations, sluggishness (and hospitality) seems to be a way of life for many.

Europe’s population seems to be stagnating as well. New ways of doing business are not always embraced. The language differences make international trade more complicated. And last, the national divide and the countries going in and out of unions also make Europe a tough place to get things done. In North America, you can get products from Mexico to Canada in hours by truck. The manufacturing and distribution is very efficient and companies are always using new techniques. We embrace new foods, new cultures and new ways of doing things in America while Europe seems to be stuck in tradition.

The immigrants in Europe offer a hope to boost the decaying population whose growth is negative. But, Europe doesn’t know how to handle immigration. They don’t embrace differences, they don’t accept others, foreigners live in ghettos, and it is harder to find work. If you accept immigrants without assimilating them it creates a polarized society.

The other problem with Europe is that they don’t pick their immigrants well. If you pick hardworking decent people from the Middle East and integrate them into society, you will end up with prosperity. Europe is not intelligent enough to be able to figure this out. Instead, they let in ruffians, terrorists and bums and wonder why their girls are getting raped, and why attacks are happening all over France and other areas. Europe picked the wrong people, segregated them, and then suffered the consequences. Do you think Europe will figure out that they need to pick the right people and be a little more accepting of them?

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