2 of 50 Print all In new window Guess who got 30,000 followers on Twitter? Me!

It was a huge hurdle to get my first 10,000 followers on Twitter. I felt a huge sense of success with that accomplishment. So, after that I stuggled to get more and more followers. Getting up to 29,000 was easy with hard work. But, the work bothered my eyes. Getting big on Twitter involves a lot of following, unfollowing, and posting articles you found on the internet. It involves a lot of staring at the screen which can cause stress to your eyes and cause you to feel frazzled.

But, then Twitter changed its rules. You have to be selective how you do your following or Twitter might shut you down! No machines doing following for you anymore. So, now I am getting followers more slowly. I just hope I can get up to 100,000 followers soon.

The strategies for getting big on Twitter have changed. Posting comments on other accounts doesn’t work miracles like it used to. Posting about startups doesn’t work as well either. I’ll have to figure out what works well. I think the fastest way to grow on Twitter is to publish interesting and relevant articles that other people published with great tweet lines and great tags.

So, wish me luck on my Twitter journey. It is a lot of fun and a huge waste of time!

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