Everyone wants to start a BPO in India, but the labor is in Europe

Everytime I read the news, I see refugees pouring into Europe. The irony is that many European countries have a 20% unemployment rate, so how will they possibly find jobs for these refugees who don’t even speak the language? Meanwhile in India, everybody wants to start a BPO, but they can’t find good workers. Most BPO companies in India hire workers who have hardly any experience, don’t know what they are doing and jump from job to job.

Perhaps these refugees need to move to India and China which are countries with economies that are growing in the long run despite some temporary set backs. Europe’s economy tends to be sluggish and people are set in their ways there which makes it hard for the region to experience growth. Meanwhile in China, they embrace change and are moving forward with new technology that they are the first to innovate.

My question is, can BPO companies find a way to tap into labor resources in Italy, Spain and North Africa? The labor is there, but there is no training or structure. Is it possible to create structure in a structureless land?

My feeling is that it would be better to create a country for the world’s 50,000,000 refugees and create factories and outsourcing companies for them to work at. Their entire economy could be based on remote labor sourcing for manufacturing, call centers, and other tasks. If training were avaialble, and decent infrastructure were created, a new country could thrive. But, where would such a company be created? Out of the ruins of broken North African states like Chad or Libya.

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