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Are the British the most sensitive to quality in outsourcing?

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Is the UK the most sensitive to quality in outsourcing? It would appear so. I just did some analysis on my stats for my outsourcing directory. I do a cleanup of my outsourcing directory every several months. The cleanup involves removing companies that are out of business, fixing expired phone numbers and replacing them with current numbers, demoting companies with bad phone habits to the bottom of the list, and more. The result of my work is having the top ten or so companies on my list being top notch which makes life easier for those searching for great outsourcing companies.

The question is, how does my work affect my web stats? I took readings for click averages from many companies at various times of the year. I took readings before I did cleanups and after. Countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia clicked more when there were more total listings while the UK drastically preferred to use my directory immediately after I did my cleanup. In fact, the click rate from the UK went steadily down month by month after I did my cleanup. The minute after I did another cleanup after roughly 100 days, the clicks went back up again! Blimey!

So, it seems that the Brits are the most sensitive to quality of any nation while those in the Middle East and India often prefer quantity. Is it possible to please everyone?

Call Center Directory

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What is the best call center directory and what makes it the best one?
The best call center directory will by default have the best call centers in the world at your finger tips. The tricky part is that call centers overseas tend to change their numbers regularly, go in and out of business, and also sometimes operate out of their bedroom. If you run a directory, the secret is to keep everyone’s information straight and also to add more companies to your list every week to compensate for the companies that dropped off.’s call center directory has been around for years and gets about 30,000 visitors per day looking for call centers in the Philippines, India, Central America, and other countries as well. We have inbound call centers, outbound call centers, technical support call centers, international call centers, as well as those specializing in appointment setting, order taking, chat support, email support, and more.

At, we organize search results based on the quality of the companies. We rank companies on how they interact on the phone, how well they answer emails (and how promptly) as well as looking at their click average. We throw these three considerations into an every changing algorithm and then decide placement levels based on the results! has over 100 call centers and 800 of the best outsourcing companies in the world listed and all at your fingertips. Use our directory whenever you need great outsourcing companies!

Should you have “a” programmer, or multiple programmers?

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Some programmers are easy to reach while others are not. You never know when they are going to be out sick, or become nonresponsive. Many programmers like to focus on work and not answer phones or emails. But, how will you be alerted to an emergency or problem if you are so removed from real-time communications?

Sometimes it pays to have more than one outsourced programmer on payroll. If you can’t reach one because they are on an airplane from Poland to Chicago, you might be able to reach the other one. Or in my case I couldn’t reach either and had to wait 36 hours to solve a relatively simple situation because nobody even answered texts, emails, phone calls, or contacts by mental telepathy.

It might also make sense to have a programming house in India on payroll because they are awake at night (American time) and can solve situations while the rest of the world is sleeping.

I find American programmers to be better at strategizing, planning, and thinking. For fine tuned work, American programmers have been better in my experience. But, if you need someone who answers the phone at night, India is perfect. You can have certain programmers for certain types of jobs, and others for other types of jobs. Relying on a single programmer your entire life is dumb because they can quit, die, be unavailable, or just not answer calls. Good God!