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What is the best call center directory and what makes it the best one?
The best call center directory will by default have the best call centers in the world at your finger tips. The tricky part is that call centers overseas tend to change their numbers regularly, go in and out of business, and also sometimes operate out of their bedroom. If you run a directory, the secret is to keep everyone’s information straight and also to add more companies to your list every week to compensate for the companies that dropped off.

123outsource.net’s call center directory has been around for years and gets about 30,000 visitors per day looking for call centers in the Philippines, India, Central America, and other countries as well. We have inbound call centers, outbound call centers, technical support call centers, international call centers, as well as those specializing in appointment setting, order taking, chat support, email support, and more.

At 123outsource.net, we organize search results based on the quality of the companies. We rank companies on how they interact on the phone, how well they answer emails (and how promptly) as well as looking at their click average. We throw these three considerations into an every changing algorithm and then decide placement levels based on the results!

123outsource.net has over 100 call centers and 800 of the best outsourcing companies in the world listed and all at your fingertips. Use our directory whenever you need great outsourcing companies!

Call Center Directories

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Call Center Directories
There are many call center directories out there, but which ones should you use, and why?
This directory specializes in a dozen or so outsourcing specialties.  The second most popular category is it’s call center directory.  This directory lists call centers in India, the Philippines, Canada, and others spread throughout the world.  Although this directory is newer, and currently has less than call centre 200 listings (which is less than some of the other directories), the information is generally quite useful, easy to query, and “fresh”.  You will NOT find many disconnected numbers, and the site is easy to use and doesn’t have annoying advertisements all over the place.
This directory is the easiest to use and has call centers throughout the world.  They have many in the Philippines, India, Canada, USA, and many other places as well.  Unfortunately, this directory mixes the call center titles with pay-per-click advertising which makes it less pleasant to use this directory.  Also, some of the companies are long gone and have been out of business for a while with disconnected numbers, etc.
This directory helps you to find call centers with various specialties and sizes. However, you will not be able to choose the location of the call center.  There are filters for onshore, near-shore, and offshore, but the search results are in the USA, and Canada.  It is better to let the browser choose their country.  The Philiipines is the most popular call centre outsourcing country in the world, and they deserve their own special page in my opinion.
This site focuses exclusively on India and has many listings. Spelling mistakes abound, but you will be able to find many good contact centres on this site.
The listings section of this directory only list a handful of companies, generally in the United States
This site allows you to find answering services that are specially trained for your industry.  You can find answering services that specialize in working for accountants, tax preparers, biotechnology, the fashion industry, banking, finance, advertising, agriculture, and more!  How unique! Unfortunately, no companies are listed in their directory, so you will have to email them and hope that they respond.
Google ranks this site quite well, but when I do a search, I am informed that the site has been hacked and that no search results are available.
So, what makes a good call centre directory?  Should they have many listings? Should they have up to date information  Should the site be easy to use? Should there be different pages for different countries?  Should they have a page where they help you find a job?  These are all interesting questions.
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