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Are the British the most sensitive to quality in outsourcing?

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Is the UK the most sensitive to quality in outsourcing? It would appear so. I just did some analysis on my stats for my outsourcing directory. I do a cleanup of my outsourcing directory every several months. The cleanup involves removing companies that are out of business, fixing expired phone numbers and replacing them with current numbers, demoting companies with bad phone habits to the bottom of the list, and more. The result of my work is having the top ten or so companies on my list being top notch which makes life easier for those searching for great outsourcing companies.

The question is, how does my work affect my web stats? I took readings for click averages from many companies at various times of the year. I took readings before I did cleanups and after. Countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia clicked more when there were more total listings while the UK drastically preferred to use my directory immediately after I did my cleanup. In fact, the click rate from the UK went steadily down month by month after I did my cleanup. The minute after I did another cleanup after roughly 100 days, the clicks went back up again! Blimey!

So, it seems that the Brits are the most sensitive to quality of any nation while those in the Middle East and India often prefer quantity. Is it possible to please everyone?

An Outsourcing Directory is the best way to find outsourcing companies

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Many people look around the web for outsourcing companies, but using 123outsource.net outsourcing directory is a much more streamlined way to find good companies. Why is that? 123outsource.net calls every company that is listed with us. We check to see if their phone works, if they communicate well, and if they are helpful. We also check to see how many clicks their listing gets which is an indication of popularity. On top of that, we email all people on our site to make sure they give quality responses to emails.

If you find outsourcing companies on your own, you take the luck of the draw. But, if you find people on 123outsource.net, you are getting companies that have been rigorously filtered by us, not to mention the fact that we have a great selection of companies in so many categories such as inbound call center, BPO, technical support, ePublishing, medical transcriptions, and more…

123outsource.net — Outsourcing Directory

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123outsource.net is an outsourcing directory where you can find outsourcing companies all around the world including call centers, data entry companies, BPO, KPO, LPO, and a wide variety of software development companies with various specialties.

Our Outsourcing Directory
On our outsourcing directory, you can search from 28 categories of outsourcing professions and specialties so that you can companies specializing in what you need in seconds.

What is Special About Us?
On 123outsource.net, we are unlike the other outsourcing directories out there. There are many directories of web design companies, call centers and other outsourcing professions. Those directories do not check to see if websites are still functional or if companies are still in business. Companies, especially in Asia seem to come in and out of business in months, so you have to watch them regularly. Additionally, we check to see how professional and helpful people are on the phone, by email, and how good their click stats are. The listings near the top of the search results typically are the most professional and popular while the listings near the bottom of the list are mediocre at best — and probably soon to be removed from our directory of outsourcing companies.

Our Call Center Directory
Our list of call centers is our most popular search result, especially the inbound call centers. We have a list of call centers in India, and list of call centers in the Philippines (List of Filipino Call Centers) and more. Although, most of our call centers are in popular destinations like India and the Philippines, we have call centres in Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica, Romania, Bulgaria, Africa, Canada and the USA as well for a well rounded search.

Our call centers have all types of specialties such as appointment setting, order taking, telemarketing, lead generation, technical support, email and chat support, help desk, data verification, customer service, and more.

Our BPO Directory
Our list of BPO companies includes a long list of BPO companies in India and other countries as well. The BPO search results typically include companies that have a wide variety of specialties that cannot be placed in one particular specialized search result such as Data Entry, Medical Billing or Blog Set Up. Some companies have more than three dozen outsourcing specialties and defy categorization.

Advertise on 123outsource.net!
If you have a BPO company, you can get free or paid advertising on 123outsource.net. Paid gets you at the top of the list which translates into a lot more inquiries from serious customers around the globe. But, if you are on a tight budget and want free advertising, try us out! Are are getting about 30,000 visits per month and the number is always growing.

How I cut five hours a month off my routine

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I have a routine for how I do my work. Everything I do is regimented to a point. I have a routine and system for everything. However, those routines evolve over time. I get rid of some, refine others, and create new ones as well. Part of my system for running several directories is to give a welcome call to new members. I used to spend a long time on these calls. However, I realized that those who couldn’t give straight answers to questions didn’t do well on our outsourcing directory in the long run and did poorly on test questions indicating poor competency. So, I learned a shortcut. If people I called did poorly on basic questions, I learned from experienced (and tracking numbers) that they would do poorly in the long run. So, I ended the call with these people early. That way, I could spend more time with those who showed promise and future potential. The key here is not to spend less time but to invest your time in people who are worthy and end correspondence with those who aren’t.

If you want to rise to the next level in business, the most valuable skill you can learn is how to allocate your valuable time. If you can get the same result in 50 hours that another can get in 160 hours, you can use your remaining time to grow your business!

The Indian companies who answer professionally are even worse?

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In my September 2013 cleanup of 123outsource.net, I removed about 800 companies from our outsourcing directory. The companies that were removed were taken off because they either didn’t answer their phone, or refused to communicate in an audible or helpful way. If you are in business, you need to invest in a clear phone line otherwise you will be saying, “What, what, what?”, and your prospective clients will be saying, “I’m hiring someone else!”

In my frustration, I found that less than 1% of small outsourcing companies in India answered the phone professionally. They did not state their company name or personal name when answering the phone. They only said, “Hello?” I understand that there are very few good role models for business behavior in India, but you can learn from England, the US, or Singapore if you need role models.

I decided to call larger companies in India so that I could see how professional outsourcing companies handled their clients. These larger outsourcing companies in India answered the phone stating their company name, either in person, or with a recording. The problem is that is the only thing they did right. Yes, I am generalizing. I communicated with about twenty larger companies, and not one of them could answer even simple questions.

Company: Rajeev Outsourcing Company, may I help you:?
Me: Hi this is Jeremy from 123outsource.net, I wanted to know if you are still in Thane
Company: Let me transfer you
Me; I think that you are intelligent enough to know what city you are located in.
company: Please hold

Then I was put on hold and the phone disconnected in many cases.
In other cases I was connected to someone else who once again transferred me to a third, fourth or fifth person. I had to spend about five minutes being transferred just to reach a single person who could interact like a human being.

My suggestion to larger outsourcing companies in India is to hire people who have half a brain. That would be a huge improvement over what you have now. Teach them how to answer questions like: What is your name? What city are you in? What does your company specialize in? The smaller companies generally had highly intelligent owners or partners who could speak the queens English, answer all questions intelligently and make small talk. The large companies couldn’t even function.

Indians have a narrow-minded view of business that bigger is better. This is not true. Better is better, bigger is generally indicative of a thick skull.

(1) The few Indian companies that answer the phone stating their company names are actually the worst!
(2) Larger companies in India need to systematically put u on hold to answer complicated questions such as: what city r u in?
(3) Over 99% of small outsourcing companies in India answer phone, “hello”. Making them sound like a wrong number!
(4) There r better ways of spending time than being transferred 2someone who transfers u 2someone who transfers u again.
(5) Small co’s had more intelligent spokespeople. Big ones barely functioned. Like cars, “smaller” got better mileage.

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Are you tired of outsourcing to India?

From 100 Indian call centers down to 1

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From 100 call centers down to 1

I just did a big clean up of my outsourcing directory. I found that there were many companies who were just not worth listing. If a company is paying to be listed on my site, then I am forced to keep them whether I like them or not. But, most companies on our site have free listings which gives me the freedom to remove them.

I called more than one thousand companies in various categories such as software, call center, data entry, etc. I found that in India, there are some very intelligent sounding people working in Web Design, .Net development and PHP programming services. But, the call center folks were not worth calling 99% of the time. Out of 100 call centers in India, I found only 1 who I felt was worth listing. I kept another few dozen to keep the site populated. What do you do when you call a call center and they answer with a practically inaudible, “Hullo?”.

Me: Hi, this is Jeremy from 123outsource.net, what is your company name?
Company: Who are you?
Me: I just told you, this is Jeremy from 123outsource.net, what is your company name?
Company: Who is this?
Me: I told you who I was twice, now you tell me who you are.
Company: What do you want?
Me: I just told you, I want to know your company name, so I can know if I am calling the right people.
Company: Why should I tell you, what is in it for me?
Me: I will remove you from our directory if you don’t tell me your company name. If I was a prospective client, I wouldn’t hire your company even if you worked for free.
Company: who are you?
Me: Never mind, I am removing you from our outsourcing directory. You have no phone skills whatsoever, it is scary to think that you dare call yourself a call center or any type of business for that matter.

They behave as if I am invading them in their bedroom just to know what their company name is. Why is it such a secret? If you want people to think you are professional, announce your company name and personal name when answering the phone. Answer all questions in a helpful way, and don’t be a pain in the neck like the 65 Indian call centers that we removed in September!

(1) From 100 Indian call centers down to 1 after the weeding out process.
(2) 123OUTSOURCE.NET weeds out the deadbeats who don’t know how to answer the phone. We over-and-out-sourced them!

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Who Gets Listed How High On 123outsource.net?

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Who gets listed how high on our outsourcing directory?
123outsource.net is an outsourcing directory that sorts outsourcers into a dozen or so categories.  The key to getting business is to be near the top of the list in your respective category. But, it is not always so easy to attain a top spot.  Since we are new as a directory, we have a vast majority of free listings currently.  Paid listings get listed higher on the search results than free listings do.  But, how are free listings ranked?
Our Preference System
We have a preference system for listings.  If you write reasonably well, and have a nice website, you might get a high placement even with a free listing!  If you send us a logo for your company, or have a Skype number, we might raise your placement a bit for that as well.  
Functional Websites
We feel that if you are a professional company, you would have an attractive and functional website. If your website doesn’t load properly, that is a big issue. That means that prospective customers can’t find you. On the other hand, if you have no website, that is a huge issue too. Many companies signing up with us have a website that says, “This domain for sale”.  That is not an encouraging sign!  Web sites that hide contact information are evasive. Customers want to know what country and general area you are located in.  If you have multiple offices, you should list them in your contact us page.
Foreign Numbers?
Picture yourself in the United States looking for a company to outsource to. Most Americans do not know how to call India, nor do they want to, even to save their own life.  People do not know how to calculate the 13.5 hour time difference from California to India which changes to 12.5 hours in the Spring and Summer due to daylight savings.  People in America do not understand international dialing codes, and feel alienated when we hear that funny ringing sound that phone lines in India have. You are used to your ring tones, but Americans find it very — foreign sounding.  So, what is the solution?  If you can get a US number, a UK number, perhaps a Dubai number too, and advertise that on your site next to your Skype number, you are making life easier for the foreign clients to reach you.  You will probably get many more foreign clients if you make their life easy, and we will list you higher on our list too!
Higher Placement = More Work!
Most companies want work, and as much work as they can handle.  Most companies want to grow and prosper. Being at the top of the list matters.  Please ask us about paid listings near the top of the list.  If you are going to get a free listing, please make sure you have a nicely written notes section, because your notes make a huge impression of how professional you are!

Who is using 123outsource.net?

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Who is using 123outsource.net?
The answer to this question is very bizarre.  When 123outsource.net outsourcing directory was started, it was supposed to be a directory to help American and U.K. companies find Indian software and BPO companies to help them with their work.  I figured that the majority of the clicks would come from India, the Philipines, and perhaps about 10-20% of the clicks would come from America.  The findings are completely different.
The Arabian Gulf
Most of the companies who use our directory are looking for service providing companies in their own country. Filipinos are looking for Filipino companies, mainly call centers in the Philippines, and Indians are looking for BPO companies in India. Americans were slow to even query foreign pages for service providers which was a shock to my system.  My whole business model was taken off track by zenophobic Americans.  Our country is the most diverse on earth, so why are we resistant to look overseas for services?  It is five countries in the Persian Gulf, namely: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar that are using foreign companies the most.  
We were not advertising in Africa much until quite recently.  Kenya is now our 8th largest browser on our site.  It was actually #3 for a while right behind the Philippines if you can believe that.  It is such a small country, with not much presence in the outsourcing industry.  But, I believe that they will grow to be prominent in the call center and BPO industry.  People speak English well there and have good social skills.  It is just that the economy and financial markets are so backwards there.  The infrastructure and internet connections are really behind schedule in Kenya.  But, over time things will change.
A bizarre happening
Our facebook is showing up on google more in it’s Korean version than its English version. Its very strange.  When I look up blog posts, they show up on google in the Korean Facebook, but the actual blog entries are not yet showing up.  Maybe in a few weeks they will start to show up.
Indian companies are using our site the most.  They are hiring other Indian companies to do their back office work.  Data conversion and data processing tasks are the most common.  Surprisingly, the software page in India was going to be our most popular page, but it is actually one of our least popular pages.  People are looking for data entry and call centers, not programmers.  It is my belief that India will lead the world in programming one day.  But, maybe today is not that day — at least not for us.
Looking for outsourcing jobs
It seems that a huge portion of browsers on our directory are looking for jobs. We get resumes sent to us all the time. We are creating a database where job seekers can enter their information and specialties.  Maybe one day it will be a popular page for companies to search for prospective employees in their area. We’ll find out!

123outsource.net’s growth

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123outsource.net’s growth

123outsource.net outsource directory is growing, but not the way we thought.   When 123outsource was created, we thought we would cater mainly to India with a strong presence in South Africa, Philippines, Argentina, China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh as an outsourcing directory.  The surprising fact is that Filipino call centers and other companies in the Philippines did not respond to our internet presence.  Pakistan and Bengladesh responded, but in a way that was far less efficient than  was necessary to continue advertising in those areas.  Additionally, South Africa and Argentina did not respond well to our web presence.

Countries that responded well
We always knew that India would be the star of the show, and Indian outsourcing companies respond very well to us. We get new sign ups from Indian companies daily.  But, the other countries that responded well to us was a surprize.  United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Singapore are some of the lead countries that use our site.  We got some good responses from Costa Rica as well.  Singapore is our leading browser country with browser volume that surpassed the United States on many weeks.  They did so well, that we separated Singapore from our regular advertising campaign, so that we could manage them more carefully. But, why do these particular countries do so well with us?  I believe its because they have huge populations of Indian nationals who are closely tied to the motherland.  America has many Indians too, but our Indians have business or jobs that are not connected to India.  Our Deshis are tied to the local economy.

Turkey anyone?
We have just started marketing outsourcing services in Turkey.  Turkey has many startup call centers and other BPO operations, primarily in Istanbul.  We are not sure if they will respond well to our advertising, but we will see.  Advertising in India averages one sign up for every 300 clicks, so it will take another month to see if Turkey gets a sign up in its first 300 clicks.

China, the next frontier.
China is huge, and will overtake India in the Software outsourcing niche by 2015 according to current trends.  Unfortunately, the Chinese have never been as linguistically adept as the Indians, so communicating with them is not always easy.  We will see if China responds well to our new advertising presence for software outsourcing and other specialties.  We got 10 clicks from China on our first day of advertising, so we expect the click volume to be higher as time goes on, and as the next business week begins. We hope that many companies in China will sign up to be on our directory.

Costa Rica
Most people don’t even know where Costa Rica is.  Its a tiny country in Central America with a thriving web design and call center industry. We will start advertising there shortly.   The language difference is an issue though. The national language of Costa Rica is Spanish, and we speak English.  Luckily, I have a staff member who speaks very clear Spanish as a second language, but our ads are in English, and the search terms we advertise for are in English to.  We could try to use a few Spanish terms and see how it goes. We did that for Argentina, but with no lucky. Argentinians are talented in art, but not in business unfortunately.

About us

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123outsource.net About Us
123outsource.net is owned by the same individual who owns 123notary.com and 123acu.net.  Incidentally, we also have a notary blog for 123notary.com which has a few entertaining entries for non-notaries.  We have been involved in internet directories since 2000 and its been challenging, but always interesting.  We have learned a lot in the last ten years, but the internet culture keeps changing, so we keep on changing with it.
The problem with internet marketing is that you are competing with the entire world.  If you are not one of the top few players in your industry, you will not get enough market share to have a business that is worth mentioning.  If you look at the search engines of the world, google gobbles up about 70% of the market share since they are so clever with their algorithms.  Yahoo gets about 20% of the market and the rest of the players share the remaining 10%.  If you feel you can’t be the absolute best in your niche, it doesn’t make sense to try to compete on the web. Our notary directory is the most popular of its type on the net.  Lets see if we can get the same results for our outsourcing directory.
The exception to this rule is local business who have a web presence to support their geographically relevant business.  If you run Joe’s car wash in Los Angeles, you don’t have to worry that Carl’s car wash in Seattle has a better web site than yours.  Just make sure that your web site is the most beautiful and best optimized in Los Angeles. 
The biggest changes that have happened that effect us in web business is that optimization algorithms for google have changed.  Meta-Titles are more important, meta-descriptions are less important, and social media is the magic that makes things happen.  Since we started our twitter and our blog, our placement on google for our outsourcing directory has gone far up for our  main keywords. 
Twitter is our newest development on 123outsource.net.  Our social media manager Anthony has been publishing links to really interesting articles.  I’m personally reading all of the articles and learning a lot about the recent developments in the outsourcing industry.  We hope you will join us on Twitter.
We hope to grow 123outsource.net into a huge business and we’ll let the forces of nature guide us in how we expand the business.  Size and refinement are the two biggest issues.  We have 1300 members now, but if next year we only have 1500, but 1500 really serious companies with great communication skills, the quality of the companies is what we are looking for.  Our job is to please our browsers, so if we make their query for quality companies a snap, the browsers will be loyal to us for life!

123outsource.net and our users

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123outsource.net and our users
I started 123outsource.net outsourcing directory in 2007.  I was going regularly to India for spiritual reasons and wanted to work with some local programmers. I found the winning team in Pune — fast and fun to work with.   We didn’t begin to really populate 123outsource.net outsourcing directory with sites until 2009.  In early 2010 we started calling out listings to get to know them a bit.  We put outsourcing companies all over the world.  There were web designers in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, India, and all over the world. We had SEO consultants in India, there were BPO companies, Call Centers, Accountants, and many other types of companies too. I thought this directory would be focused on India, but we have clients throughout the world.
Learning from experience
As I started marketing our outsourcing directory site using google adwords, I learned that we were getting many clicks from India and the Philippines.  Other counties didn’t give us hardly any traffic.  But, the inquiries were coming almost exclusively from India, and only a small percentage from the Philippines.  Although there are so many great call centers in Cebu, Manila, Davao, and other cities, we were not hearing from them.  It became clear that this was going to be more of an India directory rather than a world directory like we previously thought.
Pakistan comes into the picture
As my testing out of different areas evolved, I decided that Pakistan was a serious country in outsourcing too, and that I should add them to the pay-per-click system.  We got good inquiries and signups in Pakistan and Bangladesh too. I guess that those countries think like Indians — outsource, outsource, outsource!!!  But, later I found that Pakistani and Bangladeshi companies had a low sign up ratio compared to their countries’ populations, and was not worth the advertising budget.  We like to have at least one sign up per 300 clicks from a particular country for it to be worth while.
Browsers were not exactly in the proportions I expected. 
What I started off thinking, was that America, Canada, and the UK would be the main browsers looking for services.  This turned out to be true.  I thought we might get a little extra traffic from Singapore and United Arab Emirates since those countries have a huge Indian expatriot population.  What happened surprised me.  I knew that Singapore would be a major browser on our directory.  But, I never guessed that they would be the #1 browser country in the world.  India still gets more clicks, but India functions as a service provider and not a browser looking for services.
Singapore tops the list
Since Singapore is our #1 browser, I’m putting much more attention on our campaigns targeting Singaporeans. None of their neighbors such as Thailand, Malaysia, or Indonesia gave us any significant attention on the web.
Canada was disproportional in terms of population and clicks.  Canada is giving us almost as much traffic as the United States, but Canada has only 10% of the population of the whole U.S.  California has more people than all of Canada put together (including mooses).  We will be investigating putting more specialized effort into attracting Canadians to our site.
The “Maratis”, not to be confused with Marathis are some good browsers as well.  People from the Emirates are called Maratis.  To me that sounds like what people form Maharashtria are called too.  They are homonyms.  I guess if you moved from Mumbai to Dubai, you would be a Marati Marathi or vice versa.  There are only 5,000,000 people in UAE, but we are getting disproportional click traffic from there.  Since they are a business hub, I expected a good search volume originating from their territory.  But, they are averaging 30% of the total clicks from the United States.
It looks like America is not outsourcing as much as we think.  It looks like Americans will not have to worry as much as they think they will have to about losing their job to Ajit in Hyderabad or Manish in Noida.  Its the Canadians and British who have a much higher rate of outsourcing based on my site’s statistics.  I read that UK will be outsourcing more and more as time goes on.  Programming and Data Entry are the first chores to be outsourced.  I think that as a courtesy, India should offer a special type of visa to people who’s jobs were outsourced.  They should be allowed to go to Navi-Mumbai and get their job back! Please visit our outsourcing directory today!

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