Which of your employees affect your brand?

Do you ever think about your brand? You should! Most companies behave as if the salesperson is the only employee that affects their brand reputation. The problem is that your company is like a chain. If there is even a single break in your chain, your whole service falls apart. Therefor, your company has to realize that even one bad employee in some back room that nobody talks to can undermine your whole company.

You need to think about this when hiring new employees. You really need to think about what your standards are. You also need to measure performance metrics in all types of ways. How good is your employee about getting back to people, answering questions, getting things done on time and how sloppy is their work.

You might have a training program before you hire people to make sure they are up to your high standards. That way you can watch them before they actually do anything.

Most outsourcing companies have a few star employees and a whole bunch of nightmares. You need to engineer your company so that customers never have a nightmare. Many companies try to prevent you from talking to the nightmare employees so you won’t know they are there. But, what happens when the good employees are busy and there is nobody else around to talk to. The moral of the story is that you can hide your shameful employees temporarily, but they will get found out one way or another. They will get found out when they answer the phone using poor communication skills. They will get found out when they screw up a critical job and get your entire company fired by an important client. They will get found out when they write a clueless email to a customer.

How can your company grow when your star employees are always busy? Your new clients want good people to handle their case, but there are no good people. So therefor your new clients will go somewhere else and your company will never grow.

To grow your company you need AVAILABILITY of quality workers who interact well with your customers. If you are always running at 105% of capacity, you have no room to grow. You need to hire more good people, and perhaps fire a few of your budget workers who save you a few rupees, but lose you a few million dollars worth of customer loyalty. Do the math!

All of your employees affect your brand — especially the worst ones!

Your brand will last as long as your worst employee stays hidden. The minute he/she is discovered — you’re fired!

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