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123outsource.net is owned by the same individual who owns 123notary.com and 123acu.net.  Incidentally, we also have a notary blog for 123notary.com which has a few entertaining entries for non-notaries.  We have been involved in internet directories since 2000 and its been challenging, but always interesting.  We have learned a lot in the last ten years, but the internet culture keeps changing, so we keep on changing with it.
The problem with internet marketing is that you are competing with the entire world.  If you are not one of the top few players in your industry, you will not get enough market share to have a business that is worth mentioning.  If you look at the search engines of the world, google gobbles up about 70% of the market share since they are so clever with their algorithms.  Yahoo gets about 20% of the market and the rest of the players share the remaining 10%.  If you feel you can’t be the absolute best in your niche, it doesn’t make sense to try to compete on the web. Our notary directory is the most popular of its type on the net.  Lets see if we can get the same results for our outsourcing directory.
The exception to this rule is local business who have a web presence to support their geographically relevant business.  If you run Joe’s car wash in Los Angeles, you don’t have to worry that Carl’s car wash in Seattle has a better web site than yours.  Just make sure that your web site is the most beautiful and best optimized in Los Angeles. 
The biggest changes that have happened that effect us in web business is that optimization algorithms for google have changed.  Meta-Titles are more important, meta-descriptions are less important, and social media is the magic that makes things happen.  Since we started our twitter and our blog, our placement on google for our outsourcing directory has gone far up for our  main keywords. 
Twitter is our newest development on 123outsource.net.  Our social media manager Anthony has been publishing links to really interesting articles.  I’m personally reading all of the articles and learning a lot about the recent developments in the outsourcing industry.  We hope you will join us on Twitter.
We hope to grow 123outsource.net into a huge business and we’ll let the forces of nature guide us in how we expand the business.  Size and refinement are the two biggest issues.  We have 1300 members now, but if next year we only have 1500, but 1500 really serious companies with great communication skills, the quality of the companies is what we are looking for.  Our job is to please our browsers, so if we make their query for quality companies a snap, the browsers will be loyal to us for life!

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