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Looking for jobs in all the wrong places

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We get all types of feedback from people using our site, but the feedback involves them asking us for a job!  Additionally, people who click the “I’m going to use this company” button want the company to use them, so they are misusing this button. Responses to blogs are mostly from those seeking employment too.  We don’t offer jobs here, we are a DIRECTORY.  If you want a data entry job, go to a data entry company, NOT US!  We can’t help you.
What is a directory for?
In America, we have what is called the Yellow Pages.  This is a phone book that you use to look up phone numbers of businesses. If you want a data entry business, you look up under “D” to find companies in specialties beginning with “D”.  As technology evolved, America invented electricity, the telephone, computers, and the internet.  In ancient history it was the Chinese who invented more than anything else, but the 1900’s was the American century — at least for innovation.  Our business is a phone book or yellow pages for outsourcing companies. We DO NOT offer jobs!  We offer a way for companies and freelancers to list their service so the public can find them.  So, please don’t ask me for some processes for your company.  I don’t have that.  I can list your company on my directory and that is the beginning and end of it!
We don’t know where the work is!
People say to me, “So, I know you don’t offer jobs, but who does?”.  I can’t answer that question. The only way to get work is to ask specific companies who specialize in the type of work you are trying to do.  Ask them, not me please.  I understand directories, and where to get good sushi in Los Angeles only, that sums up my intelligence.
People will not hire you overseas
Most of the inquiries I get are from people who can not spell in English.  If you are in India and can not spell, NOBODY in America will hire you to do anything. The Indians who come to America are doctors and computer experts.  If you have trouble spelling, or trouble with punctuation, you need to perfect your language skills, otherwise nobody can use your service anywhere. 
Are you worthy of a job?
If you are not proficient at Data Entry, or Call Center work, and start bugging companies incessantly about a job, you are wasting their time and your own.  Go to school, and become good at something. Then, your job search at least has a chance of having some type of success.  If you don’t understand that proper nouns begin with a capital letter, and you don’t understand that the space goes AFTER the comma, and not before, you need to go back to school — and fast!  
What can we do for you?
Our site has a new page where you can list yourself as someone seeking a job.  I’m not sure how many companies visit that page, but at least you are giving yourself a chance.  Most of the entries there are butchered in my opinion.  Mispellings, and not particularly graceful or impressive accounts of previous employment are in abundance.  If you are going to advertise yourself, you should make yourself look impressive. Have someone proofread your work please!  Presentation is everything!  So please take a look at our job seekers page!

How to find a data entry job!

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Where to go to find data entry jobs. 

There are many places you can go to find data entry jobs on the internet, and many places you can find data entry jobs in your city. It is safer to find a real job where you work in an office. That way you meet the boss face to face, and they can not run away when its time to pay you. There are many sites on the internet that can help you find work, but some of these are scams. It is important to find legitimate companies who really need your services and who really will pay you.

Tell-tale signs of scams
If a company wants to use you, but doesn’t test you thoroughly, it is likely that they are not professional, and a potential scam. If a company wants to charge you money for being on their list, there is no guarantee that you will receive a single inquiry. This is risky business. You should not pay money to a company unless they were referred to you by a satisfied customer.

Internet sites
Some sites list job openings, while other sites have opportunities to work remotely. Some sites will help you start your own business. A few sites specialize in helping you get freelance jobs. If you have no business background, it is not advisable to attempt to start you own business doing anything. Data entry is a serious business and clients will not want to hire someone working from home who they don’t know unless you come highly recommended. If you are going to do remote data entry, make sure the company spends time checking you out. If they don’t invest in scrutinizing you, they are likely to not be a good company to work for.

Our recommendations
Find real companies in your metro, or at least within a few hours of your home. Try to meet with them in person, and see if they can either hire you or offer you freelance work. Sometimes, the bosses of these companies will be able to refer you to their colleagues who have similar companies. If your skills are not up to par, you will spend a lot of time job seeking, but without finding much. If your skills are excellent, then you should start off by contacting data entry companies in your area and talking to the HR staff over the phone or in person.

Sites that list job offerings

This site has a long list of job openings for data entry clerks world wide. It is a good place to look for openings.

This Indian based site can help you find work in many types of professions including medical transcriptions, BPO, and data entry.

This site helps you work from home in India and has many types of data entry, and data conversion jobs that you can do.

Lists Data Entry jobs all over the United States

This site offers information about data entry jobs in India including medical billing, data processing and many other specialties.

This site offers a holistic job search. They have many data entry jobs being offered in the United States.

This is a fun site, but they don’t have that many actual data entry jobs being offered.

Sites offering work from home opportunities

This site offers work from home data entry job opportunities.

This site caters to people all around the world, including India, the Philippines, and many other countries. This well organized site has a well explained process of how you can find and do data entry work. They even offer online chat with an attentive clerk at the other end.

This site offers work from home data entry job opportunities. Get paid by automated funds transfer technology as often as you want to get paid!

This site allows you to gain employement working from home anywhere in the world. You can be an outsourced data operator, marketing typist, data-collection research assistant, data proofreader, general audio transcriber, response typist, and more!

IHA offers many types of jobs where workers can work from home including medical coding, photography, writing, data entry, product assembly, and more germiny.com This site does a thorough job of describing the real work opportunities verses the scams. clickonlinejobs.com Offers work from home data entry jobs.

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