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It is fun to do the impossible

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Most people think that they can not do the impossible. But, we have seen sales of particular products skyrocket recently. I hired a new salesperson with a new approach and things are selling like hotcakes. Things that we sold one per year are selling three per day! Wow!

So, after I saw those new sales coming in for several consistant days, I started to believe that the impossible was possible. Yes, it is fun to do the impossible. But, once you do one impossible thing, then you start to believe that other impossible things are possible. It is just that there needs to be a shift somewhere. You could change how you think, or change your approach — which basically boils down to a change in thought that precedes the action.

But, since business is up this year, I wonder how much business could go up next year. So, now I am beginning to believe that my site stats could double in a year. This year we have 25% more unique visitors than last year. So, perhaps we could double next year if we find the critical piece of information which could be responsible for the increase. An increase in quality could make the difference.

I used to think that I was near the maximum potential of what I could achieve. Now, I am beginning to think that there is no end in site. Limitations can really limit your success. And the limitations start upstairs — thats right — in your brain and your consciousness.

So, I look forward to that magical time in the future — whether it is this year, next year, or next month, when we make a breakthrough, figure out how to double our stats, and do the impossible.

What can you think of doing that is impossible?

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