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Outsourcing Attorneys using LPO Companies

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Outsourcing Attorneys & LPO Companies
Legal costs in the United States are high enough to make a grown man cry.   I need to talk to an attorney in Los Angeles, and costs were around $350 per hour and up.  Just to have them give me a quick consultation and write a letter would be $750 and up.  I learned that attorneys were cheaper in Texas at around $200 per hour, and I outsourced work to Texas for some corporate minutes paperwork a few years ago. 
Many aspects of legal work are just going to be expensive, and can not be outsourced to an LPO company in India.  Many American clients are unwilling to have inexperienced attorneys do any of their work, which drives the price up even more.  But for a very affordable price, you can hire law firms in Delhi or Bangalore to do document reviews, litigation support, document drafting, legal research, and many other labor intensive tasks. 
Another advantage of Legal Process Outsourcing is that you can hire a team in India instead of an individual in the USA.  You can get multiple opinions, and several people could be looking for evidence in a huge pile of paperwork that are working all at once.  The time necessary to get a result might be much faster and cheaper this way.
Many LPO companies in India are hiring experienced American attorneys to work for them, so you might be getting very seasoned service from India which you might not be expecting.    If you can’t afford your legal expenses in America, consider hiring a company in Delhi or at least getting to know them a little bit