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Imagine yourself managing multiple blogs

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Running and managing blogs is not easy. But, the challenge comes about when you are running multiple unrelated blogs. We have a Notary blog that does well. We get lots of new visitors for our Notary site from the blog. The blog helps with our SEO as well. We have established social media channels that help crank traffic into the blog. All is well. It was not easy to figure out what works, but we are experienced enough now to know what our readers like. It is about tuning into your audience.

But, the problem was more when we started a 2nd blog. The outsourcing blog. Yes, it is what you are reading now. The audience is different. Instead of being purely American, there are people from all of over the world reading this. They don’t communicate with us much, or give good comments either which makes it hard to know what to write about. We can only track what gets click on and how much. The social media channels for the outsourcing blog we run didn’t work well. We tried Twitter for years, Facebook, and Linked In. I would say that Linked In gave us the most serious browsers, but the quantity was lacking and the price tag in dollars and hours spent was hurtful.

What if you do blogs for a living and run multiple blogs with a small team of people helping you. You would need to understand multiple audiences and their behavior. You would need to understand how each social media network “behaved” with each of your blogs. You would need to find writers who could be flexible in what they wrote about and who could write about anything.

The key is to be an expert at generating traffic, and quality traffic. Good traffic can turn into big dollars. If you can write about topics that are well read like finance, travel, or sports, you could become rich doing blogging. All you need is a way to figure out how to get a million visitors a month, and your cash register will get you into a million dollar house!

(1) Running multiple unrelated blogs is not easy. The key is studying traffic patterns
(2) When you run a blog, it is not easy to learn what works. Google Analytics helps!

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Outsource Blog Welcome

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Welcome to the 123outsource.net blog
123outsource.net is a directory of outsourcing companies around the globe.  We have many professional categories ranging from call centers, bpo, kpo, seo, data entry, web design, and software.  If you manage a company that would like to attract overseas clients, please contact us so that we can create a listing for your company.  123outsource.net offers free and paid listings for every budget.  Paid listings show up higher in our search results and statistically gravitate a much higher market share.
Outsource Blog
Our outsourcing blog will concern itself with a wide variety of outsourcing issues effecting the global community.  The purpose of this outsource blog is to inform as well as entertain our readers.  We welcome commentary, so feel free to email us at 123outsource.net@gmail.com if you would like to share an opinion, make a request.  Please let us know which topics you liked most, so that we can devote more time to writing about related topics.
Looking for Work?
123outsource does NOT hire individuals.  We are located in Los Angeles, CA USA and consist of the owner, one individual who makes outgoing phone calls on a part time basis, and a team of outsourced programmers in Pune, India who we intend to keep for the life of our business.  If you are looking for work, please call the companies listed on our website in your professional category and tell them you found them on 123outsource.net.  Please save your resume for companies who can potentially use you.
Topics Involved
This outsourcing blog will deal with topics such as: marketing outsourcing companies, algorithms used for choosing outsource companies, worldwide outsourcing trends, indexing new articles regarding outsourcing, improving your company’s interaction skills with overseas clients, and more.  Please ask us if you would like us to address a particular topic not already written about.
The Future of Outsourcing
We believe that outsourcing is a growing trend which benefits the whole world as it makes it possible to find the most efficient service provider irrespective of political and geographic boundaries.  Large companies have been moving towards a business model of focusing on their core competencies and outsourcing other functions to other companies throughout the globe creating a notion of a global workworce and global community.  It is interesting and fascinating living in these modern times.
We hope you enjoy our outsourcing blog!