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Training for Outsourcing Jobs part 2

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I’m sitting here reading an article on HRO today.  It is about training process outsourcing.  The article claims that many American corporations have no idea what their expenses are for training employees.  A VP named Ed Trolley of a large American company was interviewed and gave some interesting answers.  Ed claimed that training was one of the most under-managed, under-leveraged, and under-valued, not to mention misunderstood functions in a corporation.    Training is often viewed as something you have to do.  But, how much emphasis is put on results.  Outsourcing training can help a company focus on what their core competencies are instead of stumbling, trying to train their own employees.
When I work with outsourced companies, I am always very aware of how their employees handle situations.  There is always a loose screw.  Some are good workers, but can’t communicate.  Others refuse to answer emails even if their life hinges on it.  Many do their work in a mechanical way without insight.  There are so many things to pay attention to in any type of job, it must be baffling to train people. 
Thoughtlessly picking a program
Getting “a” training program doesn’t seem to be a great idea.  Looking at the costs of training programs and saving money by outsourcing them seems to be missing the boat as well.  I believe that the key is to understand the various levels of training that need to happen.  In any type of task, there is a mechanical aspect.  If you do call center work, you need to punch in some numbers, or press a button so a computer can do that for you. You have to read a boring script, and try to be polite when answering questions.   So, there are different levels in the training here.
Levels of training
The first level is purely mechanical. How to make the call, what to say, how to answer commonly asked questions, what to do when the customer gets upset, or acts inappropriately.  But, what about the next level of training?  Ideally, in any call center, your manager should be looking over your shoulder from time to time and should be looking to see if you are gracefully handling all of the tasks involved in interaction. The manager should give you pointers from time to time and even write up a review about your work from time to time. So, we can say that reviewing and nitpicking could be level two in the training scheme.  But, there is yet another level! What could it be?
Sophistication and nuances? 
The individual who trains your employees how to make calls may likely be very unsuitable to teach nuances.  It is really on an individual basis who is good at teaching the different facets of any job.  Someone who is what I like to call, “Tuned in” can easily find all types of ways to refine an employee’s skills.  There are very subtle differences in the way you can answer a question that make the person on the other end of the phone much happier.  There are differences in your tone and amplitude of your voice that can make people think you are a nice person instead of a jerk — even if you say exactly the same thing.  The bottom line here is to pick the right trainor for each level in training.
Data entry training?
Data entry requires different types of training too.  Making sure information is complete and well formatted is key.  So, if someone can assess how well an employee deals with the trickier situations where answers are not so clear cut — is very important.  If you can spell well, you can catch other people’s spelling mistakes.  If you know what type of format is desired, you can correct formatting errors in the data input.   But, some employees do not catch the subtleties of the job, and some managers do not catch which employees can learn, and which should be let go.

How to find an outsourcing job!

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How to find an outsourcing job
People in India ask me every day to hire them, and I have only two things to say.  I am in Los Angeles, and Maria and I do the only jobs that need to be done at least for now.  Additionally, we are in the directory business, and your experience is in? Oh, you didn’t mention what your skill set was, you just approached me begging for a job — any job — please I’m desperate.  Give me an outsourcing job or my family will starve!!!!!  Sorry, even if you were the best directory staff member in the world, you are in Ahmedabad, and I am here in Los Angeles and you can not get a visa to come here.  So, asking me for a job, is the wrong approach.
Go where the jobs are
Most people looking for outsourcing jobs are in India or Manila.  There are plenty of outsource process jobs there.  Different cities have a higher or lower concentration of certain types of jobs.  If you want to work at a KPO and are in Darjeeling, you need to move to Bangalore.  If you want to specialize in outsourcing cardamum, then you need to move from Mumbai to Sikkim or Kerela.  Certain regions lend themselves to certain professions.  Additionally, certain physical places have particular vibrations.  Some places are busy while others are sad, or slow.
Pound the pavement!
Pardon the American expression.  This means that you need to go around aggressively banging on everyone’s door, finding out where the jobs are and who to talk to.  There are local newspapers with endless information about outsourced jobs and training for call center and other types of jobs.  The internet has many sites that can help you find a job in India.  Click India is one of the best sites around, and there are others. 
Its hard to network if you don’t know anyone.  But, if you know someone who knows someone, then network with them.  Its hard to get a job through a cold contact (someone who doesn’t know you).  But, if they were introduced to you, then you have a huge edge over a complete stranger — assuming you know your skills well.
Contact everyone
Contact as many companies as you can that have jobs within your skillset.  Don’t waste people’s time contacting them if you are not going to be clear about what you do, and what you want to do for them.  Contact relevent companies only and talk to the manager and let them know you want to do Data Entry for them, or Flash Design.  Ask them if you can meet with them.  Even if a company doesn’t have an opening today, if they like you and you keep in touch, they might hire you later.  Enthusiasm and devotion is an important trait that employers look for.
Bring your professionally written resume with all of your professional experience and education listed clearly on it. Dress well, and be cool and confident.  Don’t be arrogant or overly aggressive — nobody likes that.  Don’t try to come across as being smarter or more aloof than you are.  Be calm, friendly, speak clearly, and appear knowledgeable.  Personality flaws account for more work problems than skill flaws.  So, behave in such a way where you show everyone what a pleasant and easy to work with person you are.  If you are applying for a sales job, you might want to show a little more gung ho attitude plus empathy — the qualities necessary for success in sales.  If you are going to do programming or data entry, try to convey how methodical and responsible you are through your body language if thats possible.  If you are going to be an incoming call center employee, show everyone how nice and patient you are.  Different jobs have different traits, and you need to show these without appearing fake. 
Being on the money!
Another American expression.  This means to be on top of things and to know what you are doing.  Many people looking for work come across as being clueless and lost, not knowing where to go or what to say.  Figure all of this out before you talk to a contact person, or you will make a terrible impression.  The worst problems I have had with people in the work world was not skills, and not personality, it was people who were not on top of things who flaked and didn’t double check their work or follow up on things.  If someone asks you a simple question and you give them a confused look or look afraid, that is clueless behavior.  Give a clear, friendly answer to their question.  If you don’t know the answer, just let them know that you haven’t thought about that yet. Politicians and salespeople are experts at giving smooth answers to questions they don’t have the foggiest idea about.  My advice is to study how politicians handle interaction and be like them.  Working in a corporate office place is very political.
A quick joke about politicians.
A guy named Joe was running for Senator in his state.  He had previously worked for a church group but quit.  When asked why he quit, he said that he didn’t enjoy working for the church group because it got too political!
Good luck!

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