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Integrity is more important than skills or even prices

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How do you assess a person’s character? Should you? Should you jump to conclusions? Should you trust your gut? Or should we be good Christians and “Judge Not” like the Bible says? In business, the minute you stop judging, you get eaten alive. You have no choice but to determine where danger lurks and avoid it like a disease!

Imagine a world where you have a million dollars, but the people around you lack integrity. They lie, cheat, deceive, and steal. They are late on deadlines and they couldn’t care less about their clients. How long would your million last without integrity? I feel that the majority of outsourcers lack integrity, and you can get taken for a ride very easily. Without a society with integrity, you will lose your money easily. My personal story is that I was very lucky to find many outsourcers who had excellent integrity, and it has only been recently in the last two years when I have been confronted with so many crooked people involved in outsourcing. Maybe God wants me to learn how to deal with them.

On the other hand, in a world where you start out with little or no money, but are surrounded by honest and decent folks, you will make money, and not get cheated out of it if you do worthwhile work for a living. You would be given a fair handshake every step of the way! You might only make moderate income, or you might make millions. With integrity, the money comes!

When working with outsourcers, you might not see their flaws right away. Part of your skill as someone who hires companies is to quickly recognize the character of the owner, manager, and workers in an outsourcing company. You can see certain traits right away if you are looking. You can ask questions that reveal a person’s character or thinking style too. Avoid questions where they tell you what they think you want to hear and ask probing questions which bring out their personality.

If a company gets by your initial scrutinization, you might see character flaws later on, i.e. Recklessness, carelessness, disrespect to others, substance abuse, keeping bad company, etc. You need multiple backup plans when hiring companies just in case your first pick doesn’t work out well. If your hired company exhibits character flaws, you can expect trouble to manifest itself later on, and you will suffer as a result. Keep a keen eye and watch out.

An outsourcing company that is not reputable can start out nice, but later on cheat you in so many ways you never thought of. There are so many ways to cheat in outsourcing services and it is so hard to protect yourself. The only real protection is good karma and choosing people with integrity. Integrity means you don’t cheat, you don’t lie, you deliver when you said you would, and you are generally decent. Don’t compromise on these.

Pick people with good character even if they are not the smartest! In the long run you will be better off!

(1) How do you assess a person’s character? Should you? In business you get eaten the minute you stop judging!
(2) The Bible says, “Judge Not,” but if you don’t judge in business, you can lose everything overnight!
(3) If you lived in a world where people were honest, you might do okay w/very little money.
(4) An outsourcing co that is not reputable can start out nice & then cheat you!

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The Power of Knowing People for Outsourcing

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Companies are always asking me how to get more clients for their call center, data entry house, software agency, outsourcing outfit, etc. I have many years experience in marketing and have some sales background too. I read that roughly 50% of sales made in the United States were made between people who know each other. If you are always refusing to make small talk with prospective clients, then how will you ever get to know them? The point is that you make sales by having developed a reputation of being trustworthy, helpful, capable, and having people know you.

If people know you and know that you are not trustworthy, then knowing them will not help that much. But, if you have known people for years, and you are always one of the best people to come to for advice, and you are always helpful, they will WANT to spend money on you. They will feel like they owe you as well. They will feel it behooves them to buy from you because who else can they trust at the level that they trust you?

People who own outsourcing companies in India are typically very reserved. They don’t want to get to know NEW people. They don’t answer their phone. If you get them they are busy or don’t want to talk. If they do talk they don’t want to share much about their outsourcing work. They make me not want to know them and not want to use them. On the other hand I know two really nice guys in Web Design & PHP programming. They do e-Commerce set up, blog set up and stuff like that. They are the nicest people I know in India. I like working with them partly because their work is good, but they are very pleasant to be around.

If you want more outsourcing business, I suggest working on your personality and networking skills. If you make small talk with people who work at Western companies (US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc.), then people will get to know you. Instead of trying to sell them something, just chat. Get to know them, and what their needs are. People hate it when you try to sell them something, but love it when you help them solve a problem. In India small talk is not approved of in business, but in the West it is a must, and you need to master this art. Forget about mastering the art of selling. Master the art of chatting and getting to know what matters to people. Sales is about finding a need and fulfilling it. If you are too busy selling (cramming something down someone’s throat), you will be too busy to LISTEN to what the person actually wants and needs!

Network, Chat, Listen, and understand the power of knowing people so that you can effectively market your outsourcing services!!

Should Americans Provide Outsourcing Services?

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Should Americans provide outsourcing services?
I think it would be a great exercise to have Americans set up outsourcing services, or mock simulated outsourcing business models to understand the metrics of land, labor, and other costs involved in staying competitive in a global market.  What people will quickly find out, is that to stay ahead, you have to either be really cheap, really efficient, really good, or really sophisticated.  
Its not all about price!
People around the world think that business is mainly about price competition, and nothing could be farther from the truth.  If you go to the supermarket, the lower cost yogurt sits on the shelf while Yoplait gets hoarded.  Yoplait probably costs more than double ounce per ounce, but you can’t get people to stop buying it . Why?   It tastes good, its drinkable, fashionable, and comes in a cool container — thats why.  People want what they want and are willing to pay more to get what they want than a boring bare-bones standardized product.  i-phones are selling off the shelf while simpler phones that could be sold for $10 at a profit don’t even exist at shops anymore.  People want fancy stuff and couldn’t care less about saving money, and that includes the poor too.
So, if an American company tried to compete with all of these foreign outsourcing businesses in the international market, how would we compete?  What would we do?  Competing on price would be futile, but there are many other ways to compete.
Languages.  Every language known to mankind (and some not known) is spoken in America.  Setting up global services that are multi-lingual with native speakers would be easy here due to the availability of prospective staff members
Speed.  Normally Americans go slow and want to be unavailable during lunch, but what if we devised ways to be lightening quick like Domino’s Pizza.  Then we would have a niche.  What if we had a web development system where websites could be designed, optimized, and marketed all in the time frame of 72 hours?  If the system delivered quality work in that time frame, companies would pay through the nose for that type of service.
Sophistication.  What if American companies thought of extra features and niceties to add to regular services to make them more attractive?  We might be able to easily compete with overseas companies just because the services were so pleasant to use.
Partnering.  What if American companies partnered with overseas companies (many larger ones already do) to take advantage of affordable labor and combine it with American Ingenuity?
Land.  What if American companies figured out how to get staff members to be in a place with really inexpensive land and were able to establish low cost BPO services there — perhaps in a place like Tulsa or Memphis which are some of the lowest cost metros in the states.  With such low land and labor costs, companies would easily be able to compete on an international level.
Technology.  What if American companies got even better at using automization, robotics and other technologies, so we could compete with India.  If were were twice as efficient as the Japanese, we could compete even with our high labor costs.
American salaries are high, and to keep these high salaries in a global market place we have to merit them.  Money is a gift from god, but the gift is not just given without terms.  You have to merit the money (or have really good karma), or god isn’t going to keep giving it.

On a final note, India is getting really expensive, and the general inefficiencies of the country prevent them from competing with America in the long run.  As India gets more expensive, it will be easier for America to compete with them.